Makeup, Skincare, and Fragrance Favorites for January 2021

At the start of the new year one of my beauty resolutions was to wear my make up most days of the week. I have stuck to that and really been enjoying putting it on again and using all of the wonderful products that I have. Over the last year I had gotten into a habit of not wearing it very much and I definitely notice I feel better when I get up and get ready and put on my make up.

So this month I have rediscovered many old favorites since I have been using more different products, rather than sticking to what is out in my vanity. I’ve also discovered some wonderful new favorites from some new brands that I had not tried before.


  • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder– I’ve been using this powder to set my foundation lately and have fallen back in love with it. It just looks flawless on the skin.
  • Chanel Jersey Blush– I have been into neutral make up this month in this blush goes with every look and it’s always a favorite.
  • Charlotte Tilbury First Love Blush– this blush is another beautiful neutral Blush. When I use this I don’t use a highlighter because it is glowing enough on its own.
  • Chanel Metal Peach Highlighter– this highlighter has been a favorite ever since it came out and I still reach for this one all the time. Read full review here.
  • Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara– this mascara has become a new favorite. I still love my Chanel Le Volume, but this one provides more length and I don’t even need to curl my lashes when I use this.
  • Natasha Denona Lip Liners– I’ve been wearing these nonstop this month. They have definitely been a favorite ever since I got them. Read full review here.
  • Natasha Denona Sava and Beatrice Lipsticks– I immediately fell in love with these lipsticks and have been wearing these pretty often this month. Read the full review here.
  • Pat McGrath Peach Perversion Lip Gloss– a gorgeous peachy gloss that has a little shimmer that goes perfectly over any lipstick I’ve been wearing lately.
  • Mac Bait Lipglass– a very long time favorite. This is my last back up of it. I am going to enjoy it completely until it’s gone. This color just adds a beautiful reflection of light when place it in the center of your lip with any nude lip combo. There’s nothing else I have found that’s like it.
  • Chanel Mordor Nude Lip Liner– still one of my all-time favorite lip liner colors. I’m so sad that this was discontinued. I still use this all the time.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Medium Lip Liner– I love this darker version of the pillow talk lip liner so much. On my pigmented lips it actually goes better than the original pillow talk liner, with a lot of the Nude lipsticks I’ve been wearing lately.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Dance Floor Princess and Valentine Lipsticks– some gorgeous pink tone Lipsticks from Charlotte Tillberry. These two have been my favorites this month from her range.
  • Chanel Rouge Duo Lipsticks in Light Rose and Merry Rose– when I go out and about and I have to wear a mask, I have been wearing these two shades of those lately. They last all day and don’t transfer on the mask at all.
  • Tom Ford Bad Lieutenant Lipstick-this is my favorite nude color from Tom Ford and it seems to have been discontinued. I hope they bring out more cool tone pinky nudes. Most of his lip colors lean pretty warm.
  • Mac Creme Cup and Modesty Lipsticks– I have really been enjoying wearing a lot of my old favorite Mac lipsticks lately and these two shades are just classic colors. They are longtime favorites and I have really been enjoying wearing them this month.


  • Chanel Gentle Oil– this is a Beautiful light weight by you oil that I have really been enjoying lately. I’ve had to use a lot more moisturizer because the air is so dry in our house in the winter and this has been a lifesaver. A little bit of this goes a very long way.
  • Chanel Fresh Body Cream– The smells just like the gentle oil and Sundays I layer this on top of the oil if I need to lock in the extra hydration. These two products also go beautifully with all of the Chanel fragrances.
  • La Mer Cleansing Oil– I have really been enjoying this cleansing oil this month. Since I’m having to take my makeup off more because I’m actually wearing it, I’ve been using this almost every evening. It seems to actually make my face look brighter at the end of my routine then when I don’t use it.
  • La Mer Cleansing Foam– this is my all-time favorite facial cleanser. You can’t really tell in this photo, but this tube is almost empty. It lasts a very long time and I use this twice a day.
  • La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum– I have been so thankful for this because it has been keeping my skin hydrated during this winter weather. I use this every night as part of my regular skin care routine.
  • Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer– I have been using this all the time. I love that it’s unscented but still lightweight and it absorbs completely so this is something I can use without having to worry about my hands being too slick. I also tend to use this when I don’t really want to put lotion on but have to, because my skin hurts from dryness. I don’t really feel it on my skin once it absorbs.


  • Chanel Jersey Parfum– I love this beautiful version of my beloved Jersey perfume. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing.
  • Chanel Le Lion Eau de Parfum– I love smelling this perfume, even as it just sets on my vanity tray. This perfume had leaked when I received it in the mail, so the outside of it still smells like the dry down, and it’s so pretty. I have really been enjoying wearing this.
  • Chanel Bois Des Iles Eau de Parfum– this is such a beautiful and relaxing fragrance for me. I just love this scent and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit lately.
  • Chanel Bel Respiro Eau de Parfum (sample)– I have been enjoying wearing this sample and definitely plan on buying a full bottle of this soon. This is a gorgeous fragrance and wears beautifully during the winter time.

What are some of your favorites this month? Do you see any of your favorites here? I would love to hear what you have been enjoying below in the comments.

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