Dior New 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Quint Palettes: Soft Cashmere, New Look, and Nude Dress, Review and Swatches

Dior Nude Dress, Soft Cashmere, and New Look Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior recently revamped their eyeshadow quint palettes and released 13 new eyeshadow palettes in a new formula and new colors. I picked up three of the palettes so far in Soft Cashmere, New Look, and Nude Dress. These are the first Dior Eye Shadows I’ve tried but am excited to try more colors in the future.

The new formula of these eyeshadows is really pigmented, buttery, and smooth. The Dior website describes them as a “creamy powder”, and “long wearing”. They apply and blend on the eyes wonderfully. I do get all day wear with them and they look smooth, don’t crease, and don’t emphasize any texture on my eyelids. These shadows are definitely mature eyelid friendly, as I have very hooded lids with texture and looser skin in my crease.

There are multiple formulas in each palette but they all are pigmented and have great color pay off on me.

Soft Cashmere

Soft Cashmere

Soft Cashmere was the first quint I purchased because these gorgeous taupe shades really called to me. I love these types of colors and wear them the most. After wearing it a few times and loving it so much, I then purchased New Look and Nude Dress. I love that these three palettes are all wearable neutrals without any bright colors that I know I won’t wear.

Swatches of Soft Cashmere

The shades in Soft Cashmere are a muted medium brown satin in the center, a shimmery taupe, a shimmer soft champagne, cool satin taupe, and a deep semi- matte brown.

New Look

New Look

New Look is a gorgeous neutral smokey eye palette on me. Taupe or neutral brown smokey eyes are my most favorite eye looks. These are darker shades that also pair nicely with the Soft Cashmere Palette to make it more smokey. The shades in this palette are very pigmented. A little goes a long way for my fair skin tone, but I love the smokey eye looks I can get from this palette. I also think this palette would be great neutrals on darker skin tones.

Swatches of New Look

The shades in New Look are a deep burgundy satin in the center, a cool shimmery deep taupe brown, a shimmery peachy sand, a medium neutral satin brown, and a deep charcoal brown.

Nude Dress

Nude Dress

Nude Dress is a lighter warm neutral palette on me. These shades pull fairly warm on my skin tone but are warm colors I can actually wear. I’m not sure if this palette would show up as well on deeper skin tones as some if these shades are pretty light on me.

Swatches of Nude Dress

The shades in Nude Dress are a light shimmery peach in the center (this is the only shade out of all of these that applied very sheer on me. I need to pack this shade on to get good color pay off), a shimmery rose gold, a shimmery ivory, a warm taupe with hints of rosey tones, and a warm medium brown.

I like using this quint with some of the taupe shades in Soft Cashmere to make the look a little more neutral/ less warm on my skin tone and to deepen my outer crease a little more.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy these eyeshadow palettes and love the looks I get from them. Soft Cashmere is definitely my favorite because of the cooler taupe color story. The formula of these is great and I think the color selection in most of these new quints are very wearable and sophisticated on the eyes.

I feel like the new range of palettes has something for everyone’s color preference. I’m very happy there are multiple quints with wearable neutrals in both cooler and warmer tones. I am eyeing the Tulle Eye Quint with the lovely purple shades and may pick it up in the future during a sale.

These Dior Eye Quints are currently available on Dior’s website, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sephora, and all other retailers and counters that carry Dior.

They are limited edition according to the Dior website and retail for $62. I do feel these colors and formula are worth the price, but these are likely to be around for enough time that you can wait to get them on sale to save a little money. Macy’s and Sephora both offer sales on beauty pretty regularly, and Nordstrom always price matches the other retailers’ sales.

Did you pick up any of these palettes? Let me know your thoughts about these in the comments.

My foundation matches can be found on my About Page for reference.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with these eye shadows. You have such a wonderful way of describing them! It inspires me to try them for myself. Your photos are excellent. ! I appreciate you showing how the colors look on your skin. It’s very helpful. I enjoy reading all your posts and look forward to the next one. God bless you!

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