Dior Fall 2023 Makeup Collection Review and Swatches

Dior recently released their Fall Makeup Collection for 2023 including eye palettes, blush, and nail polishes and I picked up an eye palette and two new nail polishes. They also recently completely revamped their nail polish line and updated the packaging and formula.

Beige Couture Eye Shadow Palette

Dior Beige Couture Eye Palette

Dior Beige Couture Eyeshadow Palette includes shades of golden beige, light gold, peach, soft camel brown, and deep brown.

Dior Beige Couture Eye Palette

The shades in this palette looks mostly matte on the eyes even though swatches show some shimmer. The formula is different from all the other Dior palettes I have. These shades appear to be dryer and more dusty in formula than the previous core line palettes. They still blend well on the eyes but even the satin shades appear more matte on the eyes.

The shades are a little warmer once applied to my skin than they look in the pan and get slightly warmer as they wear throughout the day. It is still a very pretty neutral and wearable look though and I feel like these shades would be really flattering on most people.

The colors seem to blend together more after wearing for a few hours and actually look even better after a couple hours on the skin. They are smooth looking on the eyes and actually help camouflage my lid texture a little bit. I really like how they seemed to meld into my skin over the course of the day and stayed looking flawless until I took them off before bed.

Swatches of Dior Beige Couture Eye Palette in Daylight

These are great neutral shades that are perfect for every day wear. This eye shadow palette sort of reminds me of the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage palette that was so popular but has been discontinued.

Swatches of Dior Beige Couture Eye Palette in Bathroom Lighting

The embossed design is messed up a lot after the first application because of how soft and powdery the shadows are. Even though they seem to be a more dusty formula, I didn’t have any fallout while I was applying them to my lids.

Nail Polishes

Dior recently revamped their entire nail polish line and introduced some new shades. I picked up two new shades, one of which is part of the limited edition Fall Winter Collection. The other shade is new and permanent.

The new packaging has black lids and still has the wide wonderful brush for easy and fast application.

I honestly didn’t notice any difference in the formula. They still wear for a full week without chipping on me, and they applied smoothly as well.

Dior Nail Polishes in 415 Osee and 523 Blush

I picked up two new shades in 415 Osee and 523 Blush.

415 Osee is a pearly beige sheer nude and is limited edition and part of the Fall Collection.

523 Blush is a pretty rosewood with magenta mauve micro shimmers. This one appears to be part of the new line up of colors that are permanent.

Swatches of Dior Nail Polishes in 415 Osee and 523 Blush

There was another shade in the Fall Collection that looks like a very warm rusty shade and I skipped that one since I don’t wear those type of shades very often.

Final Thoughts

I really love the nail polish shades I picked up and know I will wear them often. Osee is my favorite type of shade to wear for my manicure.

I also really like the eyeshadow palette, but feel like the shades are pretty similar to other shades we probably already have in our collections. I do really like how this formula looks on the eyes though and the entire palette has wearable neutrals so I think it could be a great staple palette for people who love Dior shadows and don’t own tones of palettes.

The Dior Fall Collection is currently available on Dior.com. I’m not sure if these pieces are going to be available at other retailers but they seem to be exclusive to Dior as this time.

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