Chanel Les 4 Ombres Byzance Eye Shadow Palettes Review and Swatches

Chanel recently released four new eye shadow palettes in their Byzance Collection. I picked up two of them in the most neutral color ways.

I was very excited for these new eye quads as soon as I saw them because they look cohesive in their color stories as well as being wearable shades for every day.

The packaging has the gold double C logos on the top as well as a gold hammered plastic inlay inside the palette.

328 Parure Cristal Eye Shadow Palette

The Parure Cristal Eyeshadow Palette contains shades of peach, rose, deeper cool brown, and a white shimmer topper with blue shift.

These shades looks so much prettier in person as the little nuances in the colors can’t really be captured by the camera.

This eyeshadow palette comes off pretty neutral in tone on my skin and the shades are very flattering on the eyes. I really like this one and will wear it a lot.

The shades are on the sheer side but can be built up and they wear all day on me.

318 Parure Venitienne Eye Shadow Palette

The Parure Venitienne Eyeshadow Palette contained shades of gold, brighter peach, warm brown, and white shimmer topper with a greenish gold shift.

The shadows are quite sheer and take a long time to build on the eyes. They seem to be more sheer than the other quad and also take more effort to build up the color with my eyeshadow brush than they did for the swatches.

This eyeshadow palette turns very warm on my skin tone and the tones just seem to clash with my coloring and aren’t as flattering. Every time I passed by a mirror wearing this I was surprised by how tired my eyes looked. I’m not sure what it is about these shades that are doing this on me, because I have some other eyeshadows in similar shades that don’t look so unflattering. I’m guessing they might just have too much yellow undertone for me, maybe.

The main shade I was drawn to in this palette was the green topper shade but it just looks gold once applied to my eyes and the green color seems to be completely lost.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Parure Cristal Quad and can see myself wearing it a lot. The shades offer pinky shades that are actually flattering on my and I love the simple and ethereal look that the whole quad gives. I highly recommend this one and feel like it will be the most popular one out of the four.

The colors in the Parure Venitienne quad come off pretty warm and unflattering on my skin tone and make me look really tired so I’m pretty disappointed in this one.I would recommend swatching this one in person if at all possible if you have a cooler skin tone like mine. If you have a deep skin tone I am doubtful this would show up because it is so sheer.

The Chanel Byzance Eye Shadow Palettes are currently available at Chanel, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s. They are currently in stock at Chanel website and sell out and come back in stock on Nordstrom.

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