Chanel Fall Winter 2023 Makeup Collection Review and Swatches

Chanel recently released their Fall Winter 2023 Makeup Collection and I picked up the blushes and nail polishes. They also released a new type of loose eyeshadow that I skipped, and some new shades of the Rouge Coco Bloom lipsticks that I also skipped because the shades looked a little too warm for my complexion.

Chanel Fall Winter 2023 Makeup Collection

Blush Harmony Blushes

Chanel Blush Harmony in Beige Rose Et Mauve and Beige Et Corail

The new blushes are called Douceur D’Equinoxe Harmonie De Blushes Blush Harmony in Beige Rose Et Mauve and Beige Et Corail.

The consist of two shades that you can mix together to achieve the perfect harmony of blush for your complexion.

These blushes do have a stronger fresh floral fragrance to them that is not the same rose fragrance of the regular Chanel blushes. I don’t really like this scent, but luckily it isn’t noticeable after it is applied.

Chanel Blush Harmony in Beige Rose Et Mauve

Blush Harmony in Beige Rose Et Mauve is a plum shade and is definitely more wearable than it looks in the pan. When applied with a fluffy brush and lighter hand I really like the color. I focus my brush in the center of the pan and it gives a pretty warm plummy neutral color to my cheeks. It is very flattering on cool toned skin and I’ve used it with a few different blush brushes and never felt that it was too much.

The blush formula is very soft pressed powder. It goes on smoothly and it easy to blend and build the color. It also looks really good applied with the included half moon brush.

If there is any downside, it is that the color does fade throughout the day, on me. The regular Chanel blushes never fade but this softer formula does fade a lot by the end of the day. It is easy to reapply and doesn’t look dry or cakey to reapply so I don’t really mind reapplying but I would not consider these long wearing.

Chanel Blush Harmony in Beige Et Corail.

Blush Harmony in Beige Et Corail looks much more coral pink once applied to my cheeks and I really like the color much more then I thought I might. It looks very warm orange in the pan but somehow it transforms to a lovely coral once applied. It isn’t too warm for my complexion at all and it is my favorite of the two shades.

It’s a lovely color that I have worn with both cool and warm toned makeup looks and it goods well with both. It is very versatile and performs like a true neutral.

Swatches of Chanel Blush Harmony in Beige Rose Et Mauve and Beige Et Corail

These swatches above show only the darker outer color of each blush.

Swatches of Blush Harmony in Beige Rose Et Mauve and Beige Et Corail

These swatches show both colors blended together.

You can see that the inner CC logo shades make the over all color of the blushes more neutral and wearable than just using the outer color on its own. I feel like they also have a more satin finish than just the outer shades alone.

Nail Polishes

The new Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polishes are in the new formula released this year with the wide brush. The shades are Ete Indien, a sheer orange, and Bois Des Iles, a raisin shade.

The Ete Indien shade is a sheer orange which is almost identical to the Watermelon shade Chanel just released in March of this year. It is a more sheer formula that might be slightly more opaque, and maybe a half shade darker than Watermelon.

If I had known this I would have skipped it as I don’t need two sheer orange shades that are almost identical. I don’t understand why they released this shade again in the same year for spring and fall. I’m kind of disappointed because they could have given us a really pretty new shade.

Bois Des Iles is a beautiful raisin shade that is unique to my collection and perfect for fall and winter. I don’t have anything this shade, from Chanel, in my collection.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like the blushes a lot. I’ve worn both shades many times since I bought them. I didn’t think the colors would be flattering on me, but it turns out they are very pretty and wearable even on my very fair skin. I wish they didn’t fade throughout the day but I don’t mind to reapply if needed.

This collection has very typical warm fall type shades and I like the pieces I picked up. I feel like these could be good staple colors for fall.

The Chanel Fall Winter 2023 Makeup Collection is currently available at, Saks, and Nordstrom.

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