Kayali Silk Santal 36 and Velvet Santal 35 Wedding Fragrances Review

Kayali recently released two new perfumes in honor of the founder, Mona Kattan’s wedding.

I initially bought the small bottles of both of them and immediately fell in love with them and ordered the full bottles right away. I have always loved sandalwood and vanilla as base in my fragrances.

The longevity of both of these fragrances is wonderful on my skin. They last all day on me and I can even smell them in the morning as well. They last on my clothing until I wash them and then I can still smell hints of them even after that.

Silk Santal 36 Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Sparkling Champagne, White Freesia

Middle Notes: Pink Praline, Lush Nectarine

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Sugared Musk

Silk Santal opens with bright and sweet fruit notes with a sparkling quality to it. There are some soft florals and I smell a sweet vanilla base with some praline within a few minutes of spraying. After a little while the sandalwood becomes more prominent with that sweet praline and vanilla. It get sweeter as time goes on and I love the soft sweet vanilla and sandalwood dry down.

I just absolutely love this fragrance. It is soft yet sweet and well blended. It smells warm and cozy and inviting and makes me feel happy and relaxed any time I wear it.

Velvet Santal 35 Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Jasmine Petals, Tea Leaves

Middle Notes: White Musk, Cedarwood

Base Notes: Benzoin, Sandalwood

Velvet Santal opens with a woody soft Jasmine with some tea notes. It also smells a little sweet. After a little bit the sandalwood becomes more prominent and I also smell more musk and cedarwood. It is a good compliment to Silk Santal and is a little more woody but still very unisex and wearable. It is also warm and cozy like Silk Santal.

I love this fragrance just as much and Silk Santal. They both have good depth and are just so well done.

Final Thoughts

I am in love with both of these fragrances. I have worn them both together almost every day since receiving them and continue to reach for these more than anything else in my collection. They are relaxing and so well blended. I love the soft vanilla sweetness and how they get better throughout the day on my skin. These are definitely signature fragrance worthy for me and I bought back up bottles of both.

I have really been excited to try the rest of the Kayali fragrances since I love these so much and I have to say I love every Kayali perfume I have tried so far. Something about this fragrance house really goes well with my skin chemistry.

Kayali Silk Santal and Velvet Santal are said to be limited edition and are available on Kayali website and Sephora. I’ve also seen some pop up on eBay. They come in two sizes: the 50ml and 10ml. I have seen them be restocked a couple times and hope they end up becoming permanent because they are too good to not stay around. I highly recommend them both!

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