Chanel Ombré Joues Contraste Blush Review, Swatches, and Comparisons

Chanel recently released their fall makeup collection and the blush in Ombre is the only thing I picked up from the collection. The rest of the products or colors just didn’t interest me this time.

Chanel Ombré Blush

I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous neutral nude shade of this blush. Ombre is a matte blush formula. It did not seem to have any satin sheen like Chanel Blushes used to have. The color still goes on beautifully and is very buildable. This is the newest Blush formula which I reviewed in more detail here, and I compare the new and old Chanel blush formula here.

This blush did seem to fade more by the end of the day then my other Chanel blushes. It might just be because it is a more natural and lighter shade but I did notice some fading with this one.

Chanel Ombré Blush

The color of this blush looks a little bit more Rosey once applied to the skin than it does in the pan. It’s definitely a “my cheeks but better” color and I will get a lot of use out of this shade. This color will go with just about everything.


Swatch of Ombré Blush


When I saw this shade I immediately thought of my all-time favorite Chanel blush in Jersey. So below, I have swatched all the other Chanel blushes that I have that I thought looked similar.

Chanel blushes in Ombré, Jersey, Golden Sun, and Alezane

I compared Ombré to Jersey, Golden Sun, and Alezane. I feel like they all look different in the pan.

Swatches of Ombré, Jersey, Golden Sun, and Alezane

Once I swatched them all in the skin, I feel like they all look different but the closest to Ombré, I think is, Golden Sun. Ombré is more matte and Golden Sun is satin in finish, but the depth of the color is similar, in my opinion.

Swatches of Ombré, Jersey, Golden Sun, and Alezane

I feel like Ombré is the warmest out of these four blushes, but they all achieve a similar neutral look on the skin.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like Ombré blush and I’m happy I picked it up because it is a shade I will wear often. I love these neutral nude type of shades and I’m glad that it is a different finish than the other shades I have in this color range.

I really like having all of these shades, but I feel like if you already have and love one of the shades that I compared it to, you probably don’t need to run out and purchase Ombre unless you are wanting a more matte option or just love Chanel blushes as much as I do.

Chanel Ombre Joues Contraste Blush is available now on and will probably appear at department store counters soon.

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