New Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes Rose Ruben and Brun Rouge Review, Swatches, and Comparisons

Chanel recently updated their Joues Contraste Blushes and added two new shades to the permanent line up in Brun Rouge and Rose Ruban. I picked up both new shades to add to my collection.

Chanel Brun Rouge and Rose Ruban Blushes


Both of these blushes are in Chanel‘s newest formula. They recently reformulated their entire Blush collection and I was eager to see if I noticed any differences compared to the previous formula.

These two new shades are more matte than any of the other Chanel Blushes that I have. The formula is very pigmented and very buildable. I went in with a light hand applying both of these and didn’t have any trouble getting a lot of pigment and color on my cheeks. I then buffed and blended it out on my cheeks, with no issues, to achieve the natural blush look that I like. It worked perfectly. I didn’t experience any patchiness or problems when I applied them.

I feel like the original formula blush might be a little bit smoother while applying them, but based on these two colors, the difference wasn’t very noticeable once I blended them out on my cheeks. I feel like I had to blend these two shades more than some of my other Chanel Blushes but I think that is due to these shades being deeper and more pigmented then a lot of the other shades, on my very fair skin. The end result looked just as good as any other time I apply one of my other Chanel Blush.

Wear Testing

I wore Brun Rouge the first day and had to go out and do a bunch of errands and so I was hot and a little sweaty from running around, and I had to take my mask on and off several times to go in and out of stores. My blush was still there when I got home and in the evening time I could still see it when I went to take off my make up before bed. It had faded a little bit by the end of the day, but that was to be expected with everything I did that day. All of my blushes would fade on me under these circumstances.

The next day I wore Rose Ruban and spent most of the day indoors and just outside on the deck. It faded a little bit by mid day but it was definitely still there and visible when I took my makeup off before bed.

I feel like these two blushes might begin fading a little faster than my other Chanel Blushes in the previous formula, but not by much. This post is just focusing on the two new shades by themselves and I feel like they are great new addition to the Chanel Blush lineup. They are great quality and definitely on par with the rest of the Chanel Blushes that I have (which is basically the entire current permanent range of shades along with some previous limited edition blushes)

I definitely will do another blog post very soon where I test out my original formula and the new formula in my three most worn Chanel shades of Jersey, Rose Ecrin, and Rose Bronze. In that blog post I plan to wear my old blush on one cheek and the new one on the other cheek, throughout the day, so I can really compare the application and wear time with the same colors. This way I can really see side-by-side if there are any differences. So check back on the blog soon for that post.

Brun Rouge

Brun Rouge is a gorgeous warm rosy brown terracotta shade. I absolutely love this color. It makes my cheeks look sun kissed like I’ve been out in the sun and have a healthy glow. Almost like when I blend my blush into my bronzer and it has that blush with bronzer look. This is perfect for those days that I don’t want to apply any bronzer but still have that look. It is an effortless summer color.

I initially thought that this shade might be too warm or too brown for me but after applying it to my cheeks I was happily surprised how beautiful it looked. I feel like this shade is going to be a go to for the spring and summer.

Rose Ruban

Rose Ruban is a deeper rosy pink with a hint of a plum in it that gives me a natural flushed look when blended out on my cheeks. I thought this might be too red for my skin tone since I have redness from rosacea, but this color is actually a lot more wearable than it looks in the pan. I really like this shade a lot, and was, again, pleasantly surprised.

Swatches of Brun Rouge and Rose Ruban

I feel like in the swatches here you can see that both of these shades do you have a very slight satin finish.


Below I compared these two new shades to some other shades of Chanel blushes I have in my collection, that looked similar.

Rosewood, Rose Ruban, and Pink Explosion

You can see here that Rosewood is darker and more red than Rose Ruban, and Pink Explosion is more pink.

Swatches of Rosewood, Rose Ruban, and Pink Explosion

I can definitely tell a difference in these three shades once applied to my skin. Rose Ruban does have a slight satin finish to it, even though it looks pretty matte once applied.

Evening Beige, Brun Rouge, and Alezane

Here you can see that Brun Rouge is a little more orange terracotta than the other two shades; more like a bronzer color in my opinion. And also has enough rose tone to it to look more like a blush on the cheeks.

Swatches of Evening Beige, Brun Rouge, and Alezane

I feel like this swatch shows that it does have a slight satin finish to it even though it’s not detectable on the cheeks. The other two shades in the older formula are much more satin in finish. Evening Beige looks more peachy, and Alezane is a little more rosy nude.

All of these shades look a little different once applied to my cheeks, but similar, and the vibe is the same.

Final Thoughts

I really love both of these new blushes and I’m so glad I picked them up. The shades are both, surprisingly, flattering on my skin tone and I really see myself wearing them a lot. I really think that Brun Rouge is going to be a new favorite for everyone, especially this summer.

After playing around doing the comparison Swatches, I can tell more difference in the feel of the new formula versus the old formula. The older formula does feel a little more silky to the touch and the new formula feels a little bit more powdery, but when I apply them on my cheeks I don’t feel like I notice the little bit of extra powdery-ness of the newer Blushes. I feel like they apply very similar on me. The only difference I can see is that I need to blend them out a little bit more, but I think that could be because of the color itself on my fair skin. I will be able to determine more about this in my upcoming blog post comparing both formulas of the same shades.

I definitely recommend checking these out in person if you’re unsure if the colors would work for you, because I didn’t think either of these colors would be flattering on my very fair skin, and I love them both. I really do feel like these two shades will flatter a very wide range of skin tones.

The Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes retail for $45 and are available at, Chanel Boutiques and counters, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and everywhere Chanel make up is sold.

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