Chanel Blush Comparisons Old vs. New Formula in Jersey, Rose Ecrin, and Rose Bronze

Chanel recently reformulated their iconic Blushes and I decided to get my three favorite colors in the new formula and test them out compared to the old formula. I did side-by-side swatches of old versus new and I did a wear test with the old formula on one cheek and new on the other cheek to see how they looked when applied and how they wore throughout the day.


Old formula is on the left and the new formula is on the right.

Put on first application I put the old version on my left cheek in the new version on my right cheek. The old one went on more pigmented right from the beginning. I had to really build up the newest one to get the same level of color. I also feel like the color of the newer one is a little more brownish orange and the old formula one was a little more rosy brown.

Swatches old on left, new in right

Where time was just a little bit longer for the old formula in Jersey versus the new formula. The original Chanel blushes are the longest lasting Blushes I own without fading. The new Jersey faded slightly by the end of the day.

Rose Ecrin

Both versions of Rose Ecrin look almost identical in the swatches in on the cheeks. I also think that they both wore the same throughout the day. They both lasted all day with minimal fading.

Swatches old on left, new in right

I did have to build up the new formula just a little bit more on the cheeks but that was easy to do. They both blended out very nicely and I feel like so far these are pretty much the same in how they look once applied. They feel slightly different to my finger but that didn’t translate to my cheeks at all. I feel like they both had a satin sheen to them, as well.

Rose Bronze

Both versions of Rose Bronze look the same once applied to my cheeks. I feel like they both went on very pigmented and were both easy to blend out. These two were the closest to each other out of these three shades in my opinion. The only slight difference I could see is that the older formula was slightly more satin looking on the skin, but the difference was very subtle.

Swatches old on left, new in right

The wear time on both of these was the same. They both lasted all day on me.

Packaging Difference

The only way I have found to tell the Old blushes from the New ones is one small difference on the back of the compact label.

Old Blush on the left, New blush on the right

The old blush compact does not have this one little extra line of information indicated by the arrows above. The new blushes have an additional line of address information underneath the small solid white line.

There are no other differences that I have found on the packaging. The cardboard boxes were exactly the same between the old and new versions.

Final Thoughts

I think that the new formula stayed as true as possible to the old formula blush, at least in regards to these three shades I tested out. I’m very happy that the new versions are just as beautiful as the old versions that I already love so much. There were some slight differences as mentioned above but I still think the new ones are just as beautiful and just as good quality as the older versions. I definitely would not hesitate to buy the new ones and I’m sure I will pick up any new shades that are released in the future.

Some shades in the old formula are still available on You could also check with your nearest boutique or counter as well. The new versions are available on, Nordstrom, and at Chanel counters and boutiques.

6 thoughts on “Chanel Blush Comparisons Old vs. New Formula in Jersey, Rose Ecrin, and Rose Bronze

  1. Thanks for the comparisons…is there a difference in the box or back of the compact? How do I know if I’m buying the new/old formula since some stores still carry the old

    1. Hi, you’re welcome! There is no difference on the outer box, but there is one small difference on the back of the compact. I will update the post with a photo and info of that later today.

      Thanks for asking this question, as I didn’t think of this when I was writing the blog post.

      1. Thank you so much for providing that extra piece of information…I can buy with confidence now…I do prefer the old formula

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