Colleen Rothschild Beauty Hair Care Discovery Set Review

I recently picked up The Colleen Rothschild Hair Care Discovery Set to try out the products because I had heard so many great things about them and wanted to see for myself how they were.

This set is the perfect way to try out all of the brand’s hair products before buying the large sizes. It comes in this cute little travel bag with a microfiber scrunchie that helps absorb water from your hair so it can dry faster.

The hair care products are all hydrating, safe for color treated hair, and are for all hair types.

Quench and Shine Restorative Shampoo

The shampoo smells wonderful and leaves my hair feeling clean and silky without weighing my hair down. It is paraben and sulfate free and safe for color treated hair. The fragrance is not overpowering at all it is an Amber spa type of scent that I really love from first sniff. The shampoo cleans my hair really well but leaves it feeling hydrated, shiny, and still full of bounce. It feels like a very balanced shampoo. My hair loves this.

Quench and Shine Restorative Hair Mask

This hair mask is one of the best I have ever used. I absolutely love this. It is very moisturizing and hydrating to my hair and also leaves it very shiny and silky feeling. It’s a thicker mask but yet it also doesn’t weigh my hair down. It also smells so good! The scent is like a nice spa with Amber and vanilla.

I Love this so much I have already ordered two full size jars. I am using this several times per week. I feel like I have a great hair day every time I use this mask.

Smooth and Shine Hair Serum

The Hair hair serum feels lightweight and silky to the touch and helps combat the frizziness my hair gets. It leaves my hair smooth, shiny and extra silky. It also does not leave a residue on your hair or skin. I really can’t even feel that I have product in my hair. My hair looks so much healthier after using these products.

Protect and Perfect Styling Cream

This hair cream is amazing. I put it in towel dried hair and after blow drying, my hair is so smooth, shiny and silky feeling. It helps my ends not look dry and keeps static away. It also doesn’t feel like you have any product in your hair after drying it. I absolutely love this. I will definitely be getting the full bottle of this. It’s also very light weight and is not weigh down my hair at all so it actually looks fuller than it has in a while.

Since using Colleen’s products my hair looks smoother, fuller, more hydrated, and shinier, and I am loving the results.

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed with the Colleen Rothschild Hair Care line. These are products that definitely lived up to and exceeded the hype for me. They have quickly become part of my staple hair care routine and I can now understand why the hair mask is sold out all the time. I highly recommend these products and I’m so glad that I gave these a try. They give my hair the results that I have been looking for.

The Colleen Rothschild Hair Care Line is available at The discovery set I reviewed here retails for $54.

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