My Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Lipsticks Collection with Review and Swatches

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Lipsticks are not new, but they might just be one of my greatest makeup discoveries ever. These lipsticks are the longest wearing lipsticks that I have ever experienced. They stay looking beautiful all day, and the best part is, they continue to feel comfortable to wear, too.

I was so skeptical when I heard all the hype around these lipsticks over the years, but I have to say, they exceed the hype, in my opinion, and I wish I would have tried them much sooner. They really are that good.

I’ve turned countless friends on to these fabulous lipsticks, so now, let me show you my ever growing collection of them with swatches to help you pick your best shade.

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Duo Lipsticks in Merry Rose, Chic Beige, Darling Pink, Light Rose, Endless Pink, Intense Nude, Tender Beige, Light Mauve, Soft Rose, and Strawberry Red

I’ve collected ten shades thus far, mostly in the nude shade category. I definitely plan to continue adding shades to my collection, such as more shades of the reds, and coral.

UPDATE: I’ve added two more shades and added photo and swatches below.

An Amazing Formula

These lipsticks consist of a long wear liquid lipstick on one end, that you apply with a doe foot applicator. The other side contains a clear gloss that acts as a sealer, which makes the lipstick stay on all day. It gives it a glossy finish that sets down to a more satin finish and makes the formula budge proof and very comfortable to wear all day.

You don’t have to worry about any weird surprises happening when you wear these lipsticks. They don’t bleed through any lip lines, especially if you use one of the Chanel lip liners, (reviewed here) because those are extremely budge proof, as well. These Lipsticks will also never end up on your teeth or on your cup, either. You literally can just put it on, let it set, and forget about it for the day. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

It definitely is true in my experience.

How to Apply

First you apply any lip liner, if you want, you don’t need to use a lip liner if you don’t want to with these.

Then apply the liquid lipstick and wait about a minute until the formula becomes tacky when you touch your lips together. This is when you know it’s ready to apply the gloss layer.

Next, simply apply a thin layer of the clear gloss all over your lips and you are good to go. You can even apply another layer of the clear gloss anytime throughout the day if you want to refresh it, but I actually never need to apply more. These lipsticks stay on through meals like pizza, burgers, and after wearing a mask all day.

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Duo Lipsticks in Merry Rose, Chic Beige, Darling Pink, Light Rose, Endless Pink, Intense Nude, Tender Beige, Light Mauve, Soft Rose, and Strawberry Red

The Lipstick Shades in My Collection

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Duo Lipstick shades I have:

  • Merry Rose– neutral pinky beige
  • Chic Beige– peachy pink beige
  • Darling Pink– a light neutral pink
  • Light Rose– a warm toned pink nude
  • Endless Pink– a warm pink nude, very similar to Light Rose with a hint more pink
  • Intense Nude– a medium neutral pinky nude
  • Tender Beige– a medium neutral nude with brown undertone
  • Light Mauve– a cool toned mauve pink
  • Soft Rose– a darker rose with a hint of plum
  • Strawberry Red– a bright strawberry red

Chanel has a wide range of 27 colors with something for everyone. You can even layer the colors before adding the gloss to make your own shades. I love to wear many of the colors m, like Light Mauve and Intense Nude with Merry Rose in the center.

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Duo Lipsticks in Soft Coral and Burning Red

UPDATE: I’ve recently added two more shades in:

  • Soft Coral– a medium pinky coral
  • Burning Red– a warm rusty red


Swatches of Merry Rose, Chic Beige, Darling Pink, Light Rose and Endless Pink
Swatches of Intense Nude, Tender Beige, Light Mauve, Soft Rose, and Strawberry Red
Swatches of Soft Coral and Burning Red

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love these lipsticks and can’t recommend them enough. I wear these all the time now. Any time I am leaving the house and want my lipstick to stay while I’m running errands, shopping, etc., I always reach for one of these because I know it will last, and look good all day.

They are phenomenal in formula and staying power and are completely worth the price. I think if you give them a try, you will love them, too.

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Lipsticks are permanent and retail for $40. They are available at (use code: INTHEBAG for free next day delivery) and Chanel boutiques and counters, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and everywhere Chanel make up is sold.

Intense Nude and Endless Pink have been discontinued but the rest of the shades are available everywhere.

9 thoughts on “My Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Lipsticks Collection with Review and Swatches

  1. Beautiful shades! I usually avoid liquid lipsticks but I’ve never met a Chanel lip product I didn’t like. I may have to give one a try.

    1. Thank you! I usually avoid liquid lipsticks, too, but these truly wear different than any other liquid lip I’ve tried. I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you give one a try. 😊

  2. Hey Jennifer – I am trying to order one of these duos online and wanted to ask your expert opinion on the Strawberry Red versus the Soft Coral. They look very similar in your swatches and on the Chanel site they seem close in shade too. I have light skin tone, brown hair and eyes and have cool undertones. Many corals are too orange for me. But this one looks more pinkish, and maybe a slightly less intense color than the strawberry red? I would really appreciate your input on how these two compare before I sink $ into ordering a shade for my son’s wedding.

    1. Hi Cathy, I would go with the Strawberry Red for a few reasons:

      1. If Corals tend to turn orange on you, this one has potential to do that depending on the lighting you are in, what you wear, etc. So, for a wedding I think the Strawberry Red would be more versatile choice no matter the light you might find yourself in. There is nothing worse than being caught unaware in a photo at a wedding, in terrible lighting, that changes the tone of your lips in a photo, and then that photo being used a lot later. I believe the Strawberry Red will stay more true in photos, even in weird dance floor lights during the reception. The Soft Coral does appear warmer on my lips than Strawberry Red.

      2. The Strawberry Red will go with any dress you decide to wear and the pinky tone to the red is more brightening on a cool toned complexion and might be more flattering. While both the Soft Coral and Strawberry Red are very similar in depth and brightness, the added warmth/orange tone in the coral could be less flattering to teeth, again depending on the lighting. I feel Strawberry Red makes my teeth look whiter than the Soft Coral, and it isn’t too bright of a red like some reds can be.

      3. The Strawberry Red will go with more makeup looks so if this is a destination wedding, you could possibly get away with packing less makeup and wear this Red in both day and evening situations and with any outfit. I feel like the Soft Coral is more of a daytime color and the Strawberry Red is more wearable in a day out in the sun, as well as in a low light evening venue.

      No matter the lighting or venue, I think a Red Lipstick is always a classic and safe choice for a wedding if you want to wear color and are not going with the soft pink nude lip look. You can always blot it down a little with a tissue before it is set, and before adding the clear gloss on top, if you feel it is too bright. A little more color is usually good for photos because makeup colors tend to translate softer in photos. Another way to tone down the brightness could be to line your lips and fill in with a nude lip liner before applying the lipstick. You can play around with pairing Strawberry Red with different lip liners before the wedding day to know what you like best.

      Thanks so much for reading and I hope I have helped you in making your decision. Congratulations to your Son and I also wish you all a great time at the wedding!
      All the Best,

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