Chanel New Lip Liners and Rouge Allure Camelia Lipsticks January 2020 Review and Swatches

Chanel recently released a new collection of nineteen new lip liners along with eight Rouge Allure Lipsticks in matte and satin formulas with a gold Camelia flower embossed on the tube. The lip liners have replaced the previous permanent shades.

I picked up two of the new lip liners and three of the Rouge Allure Luminous Camelia lipsticks.

Updated: I recently added the lip liner in 156 Beige Natural and have updated the lip liner photos below.

Lip liners I purchased are 156 Beige Natural, 158 Rose Natural and 164 Pivoine. I plan to pick up more shades of these at some point. While I’m so disappointed they discontinued my favorite shade in Mordore Nude, I do love the new formula and these new shades I chose. They have improved the wear of the formula significantly. Once these set they stay on until I take it off.

Here are swatches of Beige Natural (a warm nude), Rose Natural (a rose light nude) and Pivoine ( a mauvey rose nude) lip liners.

And here are Rose Natural and Pivoine swatched next to 34 Natural ( left bottom) and Mordore Nude (right bottom) for comparison.

As you can see the shades aren’t dupes for each other but they are close. I’m thinking the Nude Brun color might be a closer dupe for the Mordore Nude shade but I haven’t switched it in person yet, to know for sure.

Here is 156 Beige Natural swatched to the left of 34 Natural from the previous lip liners. I thought these two would be the same but they’re actually a little different when swatched.

The lipsticks I bought are 327 Camelia Blanc ( a very pale pink) 337 Camelia Rose (somewhat bright medium pink) and 607 Camelia Rouge Metal ( metallic red).

I don’t wear matte lips very often because they tend to be very drying for me so I did not pick up any of the matte colors, although the Rouge Allure Velvet Camelia Grenat color is gorgeous and still calling to me.

While Camelia Blanc doesn’t look like much on my skin it actually does provide a veil of color on my lips that allow my natural, pigmented lip color to show through. I’ve actually really been loving it paired with Rose Natural lip liner. This shade is sheer and more like a tinted balm.

Camelia Rose is a real pretty medium pink that actually looks somewhat bright on me and pulls more coral once I put it on my lips. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the color on myself yet, but it definitely is different than anything else I have. A lot of lipsticks do turn orange on me and this one definitely looks more coral pink on my lips than it does swatched on my skin. I’m thinking this would be a great spring and summer color.

The Camelia Rouge Metal color is such a gorgeous metallic red. I feel like it’s so hard to find a good metallic red these days that isn’t full of glitter so I love this.

The formula of these lipsticks is fantastic. I love how creamy and smooth they are and that they do not dry out my lips. The finish maintains the luminous satin like finish throughout the day.

I’m very happy with the shades that I picked up out of this collection and will definitely purchase more shades of the lip liners. There is a blood orange color that looks like it would be perfect for the orange red lipstick I picked up around Christmas I still want to compare the Nude Brun shade to Mordore Nude.

The new lip liners and lipsticks are available on and Chanel counters. The lip liners are permanent and the lipsticks are limited edition.

3 thoughts on “Chanel New Lip Liners and Rouge Allure Camelia Lipsticks January 2020 Review and Swatches

  1. Hi, lovely lipsticks. I have the metallic red one and it is gorgeous But if I look at the lipsticks I do not understand the choice of the lip liners. They do not match the lipsticks that you bought?

    1. Hi, I bought the lip liners because they are colors that will go with a lot of lipsticks that I already have, not really to go with these three in particular. I do like to change the colors of my lipsticks with liner though. A lip liner like the color of Pivoine can help balance out a Nude type color that turns too orange on me and make it more pink.

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