Revlon So Fierce Eye Shadow Palettes Review and Swatches

Revlon recently released several new products in the So Fierce Collection, and the items that stood out to me were these beautiful eyeshadow palettes, and I bought all six of them.

This eyeshadow formula is pretty much a dupe for the MAC Cosmetics Extra Dimension Eye Shadows at a fraction of the price. These shadows apply beautifully and blend out effortlessly on the eyes and wear all day without any creasing just like the Mac eyeshadows do on me. They wear exactly the same on my eyes. I am so impressed with these shadows.

All of these shades are a shimmer type formula in varying degree. Some of them are a little more pearly, some are more shimmery, and some are metallic, but the shimmer does not emphasize texture on my eyelids at all. I really love how pretty and sophisticated these look on the eyes. You can get some beautiful wearable every day looks as well as more bold looks with some of the brighter colors.

The packaging is plastic that feels very light weight and since I ordered these online from Walmart several of them came with some scratches on the cover but for the price I can overlook all of that. I think a lot of price of high and make up does go into the packaging so sometimes it’s nice to save that money with minimal packaging like this. I paid only $7.97 per palette for these and they are so worth it. The shades are beautiful and you can mix and match the shades in the various palettes for many beautiful eye looks.

That’s a Dub

This palette is one of my favorites because of the soft neutrals. I love pairing the shades in here with the shades in the Tantrum Palette.

This palette contains a pinky nude, a medium bronzy brown, a deeper smoky purple, and a pearly ivory shade.


I think this is one of the prettiest neutral palettes and is very versatile with a pop of color. I have been reaching for this one a lot because I really love that icy white shade.

This palette contains a warm bronze, a neutral brown, a coral shade with a gold shift to it, and an icy white shade.

Fully Loaded

The green in this is so beautiful. And the color pay off of the bright shades is beautiful with just a dry brush. I’ve been wearing the neutrals in this palette a lot mixed with the previous two palettes.

This palette contains a dark neutral brown, a taupe nude, gorgeous bright green, and a sandy gold color.

Slight Flex

I really love this lilac color on the end. I’ve been using that shade the most out of this palette but I also like using this teal shade as a liner.

This palette contains a warm beige, a dark smoky teal, a warm rose gold, and a gorgeous lilac pinky purple shade with a blue green shift to it.

Clap Back

This lavender shade is my favorite in this palette and it also contains some beautiful cooler tones neutrals to go with that bold blue.

This palette contains a cool beige, A neutral dark brown, a cobalt blue, and a shimmery lavender.

The Big Bang

This is the brightest palette but has very fun colors. It’s a nice way to try some really bright colors you may not normally wear with some of the neutrals from the other palettes. I don’t tend to wear orange and pink shades like this very often but because these are so inexpensive it’s a fun and smart way to add them to my collection.

This palette contains a warm medium brown, a metallic orange, a metallic cool pink, and a yellow gold.

Final Thoughts

I really love these eyeshadows and feel like the quality is exceptional for the price. The quality of these is better than some more expensive eyeshadows that I have have used in the past. They definitely do feel like a dupe for the Mac extra dimension eyeshadows in a bigger variety of colors with a much smaller price tag. I highly recommend checking these out. Even if you like to use some matte shades in your eye looks you can always pair these with a matte palette you already have in your collection.

The Revlon So Fierce Eyeshadow palette are currently available on, and are also available at any drugstore location where Revlon is sold. I do not know if these are limited edition, but I definitely recommend getting them if you’re interested in them, in case they are. I think The prices of drugstore make up can vary based on retailer and location.

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6 thoughts on “Revlon So Fierce Eye Shadow Palettes Review and Swatches

  1. I really like the look of Fully Loaded and Clap Back. But the fact that you mentioned they’re like the Extra Dimension formula is what really put them on my wish list 🙂 have to check where I can find them here in Europe though.

  2. Here it is mid-2022 and It’s a Dub and Slight Flex are still my favorite palettes. I wear some combination of the shades almost every day. I also like that this collection may be applied dry or wet.That pinky lilac shade with the green shift in the Slight Flex palette is amazing. Surely that coor must have a name. Sometimes I come home from work, wash my face and then reapply the shadow on bare skin. It brightens up my outlook on the day.

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