Chanel Le Blanc Perles et Eclats de Chanel Collection 2021 Review and Swatches

The Chanel Spring Le Blanc Makeup Collection Perles et Eclats launched recently and I picked up the highlighter, one Rouge Coco Flash Lipstick, and both nail polishes.

UPDATE: I also picked up Tendresse Lipstick and the Perlescent highlighter at a later date and added it below.

Perles De Lumiere Illuminating Blush Powder

Perles De Lumiere Illuminating Blush Powder– Chanel calls this a blush but it definitely seems to be more of a highlighter, to me. Although on my skin it is a little bit too dark to really add much of a highlight, it has a beautiful shimmer that is a great topper to my blush. It has a beautiful multi dimensional shimmer to it, in person, and the formula sheers out nicely but is still buildable enough to add a really pretty shine. It definitely does not look too dark on my skin once applied. I always get all day wear from Chanel highlighters and this one is no exception.

On my skin the shade is a peachy rosy gold, which surprised me, because it looks like more of a dark gold in the pan. So I was very pleasantly surprised by the shade because it goes perfectly as a blush topper on my skin tone.

Rouge Coco Flash in Douceur

Douceur Rouge Coco Flash

The Rouge Coco Flash lipsticks are some of my favorite to just wear on a casual day because you can just put them on without a liner or mirror and they feel very moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. This shade is probably my all-time favorite because it’s really just a my lips but better shade because it offers a hint of shimmer and shine without a whole lot of color on my pigmented lips.

Swatch of Douceur Rouge Coco Flash

I’ve been reaching for this one all the time even on days that I’m not wearing any make up because it just makes my lips look really good and healthy.

Nail Polishes

889 Perle Blanche and 891 Perle Burgundy.

The two new Chanel Le Vernis nail polish colors in this collection are 889 Perle Blanche and 891 Perle Burgundy.

I was so excited when I first saw this pearly white shade because it reminds me of one of my all-time favorite colors that OPI had several years ago called pearl of wisdom. While it’s not exactly like that one it is very close looking on my nails and I just love it. It has a pink sheen to it and it’s very sheer and makes your nails look like a pretty pearl.

889 Perle Blanche and 891 Perle Burgundy.

The burgundy shade looks like it has a little bit of pink shimmer in it in the bottle, but on my nails it looks more of a purple tone burgundy and it does have a pearly sheen but I can’t really detect that the sheen is pink once it’s applied. To me this is a color I would wear more often in the fall rather than spring time, although I do have it on my toes right now.

Tendresse Rouge Coco Lipstick

Tendresse Rouge Coco Lipstick

The Rouge Coco Lipstick is Chanel’s hydrating lipstick formula. These are some of my favorite formula lipsticks of all time. They feel great on the lips and the colors are beautiful. Cecile is my favorite Chanel lipstick shade ever.

Tendresse Lipstick

Tendresse is a gorgeous medium pink shade that is a very wearable and not nearly as bright as I thought it might be from photos I saw online. it has a little bit of like a strawberry reddish pink tone to it but it’s definitely more pink than red. It’s a perfect every day pink on my pigmented lips. It definitely doesn’t come off too bright on me.

Swatch of Tendresse Lipstick

Tendresse Rouge Coco Gloss would complement the Tendresse lipstick perfectly. I’ll definitely be wearing the two together a lot and I’m considering getting a back up of this beautiful lipstick.

Perlescent Baume Essentiel Glow Stick

The Chanel Perlescent Baume Essentiel Glow Stick is a gorgeous transparent formula with a silvery white sheen to it. This glow stick gives a wet look to skin and can be used under it over foundation.

I just love the ethereal glow of this highlight. This highlighter is still available. It appears to be permanent and is exclusive to and beauty boutiques.

Swatch of Perlescent Highlight Stick

Final Thoughts

I really love and enjoy using the pieces I purchased from this collection and have already been using them regularly. While I keep thinking about some of the pieces that I skipped (like the Tendresse Lipstick which I did purchase later) I know that the pieces I chose are ones that I will get a lot of use out of I won’t just sit in my make up drawers.

The other lip colors looked beautiful but I am trying to not purchase too many red shade lipsticks that look similar to colors I already have because I don’t wear red lipstick‘s very often. A couple of them look a little more pink so I might pick those up later.

The Chanel Perles et Eclats Collection is limited edition and currently available on and some pieces are still available in some boutiques.

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