Chanel Sublimage Les Grains De Vanille Review

The Chanel Sublimage Grains De Vanille is the newest exfoliating facial scrub from the Sublimage line. This product is pure luxury. It smells heavenly like real vanilla and the packaging is a very nice glass jar.

The formula is made up of Vanilla and Jojoba seeds inside of a smooth, hydrating gel that purifies and exfoliates the skin for a radiant and even complexion. The Chanel website states That it features “antioxidant of Vanilla Planifolia and purifying Harungana Extract — that help create a firmer, more refined and luminous appearance”. I definitely agree that my skin is noticeably radiant and luminous after using this regularly for the past few months.

I use this scrub once a week on in my skincare routine, as it provides a deep exfoliation for my sensitive skin. I can really tell a difference in the smoothness and hydration of my skin after using this product. I also will notice clearer and brighter complexion for a few days after use.

The exfoliating seeds are just the right size and consistency without being harsh on the skin. They also feel very smooth without sharp edges.

Grains De Vanille applied to skin

You can get a milder exfoliation if you add more water to your face during use. Light pressure is all you need while massaging the beads around the skin because the formula will do the work for you.

Grains De Vanille during use on skin

I’m really happy that I treated myself to this luxurious scrub during my Birthday month because I really enjoy using it as part of my regular Self Care Sunday skincare routine. I would definitely repurchase this when I run out because I feel it has made such a great improvement to my skincare regimen.

The Chanel Les Grains De Vanille retail for $140 and are available at, Chanel Boutiques, and Nordstrom.

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