La Mer Radiant Skintint Review, Swatches, and Comparisons

La Mer has just released their new Radiant Skintint with SPF 30. I love the Reparative Skintint so much and was so excited to try out this new version.

The new Radiant Skintint gets a shiny pink packaging change but keeps the same amount of product and same price.

I find the Radiant Skintint to be a little more sheer in coverage than the Reparative Skintint. I also found that the lightest shades are different colors and numbers than the previous skintint and I had a hard time finding a perfect match among these new shades.

I have tested and reviewed the three lightest shades of The Radiant Skintint which are closest to my skin tone:

Fair 02– this shade is a little whiter and less peachy than shade Very Fair 01 in the reparative skintint. It’s a little too light for me right now, but may be better in winter when I’m most pale.

The Reparative Skintint in Very Fair 01 is my perfect match for most of the year. See my full review of the Reparative Skintint here.

Very Light 12– this shade has a more yellow undertone. The yellow is pretty noticeable on me so it appears a little too light and off, although the depth of color is good. It just looks like the color doesn’t match the tone of the rest of my body.

Light 22– this shade is actually the best undertone for my skin tone out of the three new shades I tried. While it’s a little bit darker it matches with my undertone and the rest of my body the best and I can wear this shade since it’s summer, and I’m a tiny bit darker right now. I feel like this shade will be too dark on it’s own, in the winter, but I could mix this with the Fair shade to get a good match for winter.

All of these shades are still pretty forgiveable since they are sheer, but I recommend picking your shade more for the right undertone or mix two shades together to get the best tone. I can’t really speak to any of the darker shades in the new range since I have only tried these shades. I definitely recommend trying your shade in person if you can, to get the best match.

Fair, Very Light, and Light

Wet Swatches of Fair, Very Light, and Light

Swatches after some dry down in Fair, Very Light, and Light (note: my face is about a shade NW13 in MAC and is a little darker than my hand)

The texture of The Radiant Skintint is a little more sticky feeling on my skin than the Reparative Skintint and doesn’t dry down as completely on its own. I feel like I need to set this with powder for it to feel the best, but I can still feel this on my face throughout the day. I also notice this new version looks a little more noticeable on my skin, shows a little bit of texture, and is little harder to get a very even coverage when applying. It doesn’t look like it melds into the skin quite as well as the Reparative Skintint, on me.

As for the radiance, I don’t feel this is much more radiant or glowy than the previous version during the first half of the day, but I do look a little more glowy at the end of the day, and I needed to blot at least once with the new formula. (For reference, my skin type is combination, sometimes oily in the T zone, but mostly normal right now).

Here I’ve swatched the Reparative Skintint in Very Fair 01 on the left, and the new Radiant Skintint in Fair 02 on the right. You can see in the swatch the new shade Fair is a little lighter than the previous Very Fair.

While I think the Radiant Skintint is a nice formula and any differences except shades are minor, I honestly still prefer to use the Reparative Skintint and will be using it as long as I can find my shade. I will switch over to this when/ if they stop making the previous version.

I feel like those with dry skin might enjoy the Radiant Skintint and I’m going to test it again in the fall and winter when my skin is more dry.

I have heard that this Radiant Skintint is supposed to be replacing the previous Reparative Skintint. I’m hoping this isn’t true, or is just a rumor because I prefer the previous version in coverage and color match and I love how I can’t really feel it in my skin.

The La Mer Radiant Skintint is currently available at La Mer’s Website, Bergdorf Goodman, and Nordstrom.

Have you tried this? I would love to know your thoughts compared to the Reparative Skintint.

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