March 2020 Favorites: Beauty, Fragrance, and YouTubers


I’ve Been sticking to my usual La Mer Skincare routine. I’ve also been using up some La Mer samples I have as well. So these are the things that have been in regular rotation this month besides my usual La Mer Moisturizers.

La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum– I have been using this during my serum step at night time and I’m loving it. I already ordered the full-size bottle during the recent Nordstrom sale.

La Mer Concentrate– this is still one of my most favorite skin care items ever. I use it every day during my serum step for my daytime routine.

La Mer Replenishing Oil Exfoliator– I am still loving this exfoliate her. I’ve been able to increase my usage to three times per week and my skin has never felt smoother.


I haven’t been wearing makeup that much in the past few weeks so I don’t have a lot of makeup that stood out for March. I’ve mostly been sticking to what’s sitting on top of my vanity.

Tom Ford Lipstick in Abigail– it’s just the best pinky nude

Chanel Jersey Blush– still one of My all-time favorite blushes

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss 119– I recently pulled this back out and have been wearing it with the Abigail lipstick and Chanel rose natural lip liner.

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Quad– still and all-time favorite and it just lives on top of my vanity. It’s been when I reach for the most for months now.

Chanel lip liner in Rose Natural– a great Nude that has been in constant use this month.

La Mer Glow Duo Highlighter- I’m loving the rose gold side with Jersey Blush

MAC Post Modernist Peach Skinfinish I’ve been reaching for this one a lot lately too.


These are the fragrances that I have been reaching for the most in March. They are all comforting and relaxing in their own ways and they have really given me joy and helped uplift my mood.

Chanel 1957 EDP

Chanel La Pausa EDP

Chanel Jersey EDP

Tom Ford White Suede EDP

Other Things that I’ve really been enjoying in March:

Blood Oranges– I have been craving eating oranges lately and figure it’s a perfect time to get more vitamin C. I’m trying to eat one daily if I can. As soon as I cut into one, the smell is so uplifting and instantly brightens my mood.

My YouTube premium subscription– it took me forever to actually pay for the premium subscription on YouTube, but I’m so glad I finally did. I wish I had done it so much sooner. Getting rid of the ads has made watching YouTube videos for my favorite subscribers more enjoyable. I actually stopped watching YouTube very much because all the ads were just so annoying and time-consuming, and this subscription has brought back the enjoyment I used to get from watching it before ads increased so much.

I like how the subscription is managed in your regular iTunes account from your phone and is easy to cancel when you want. We did the family plan so that my husband and I both could benefit. It’s been great! I watch YouTube more than TV lately.

Here are a few of my most favorite You Tubers lately:

Erinnicoletv– I love watching her Chanel videos. She is always uplifting to watch and such a classy person. I love the joy she has for beauty and her in-depth knowledge of products.

Michelle Wang– I have watched her for a long time and love her sense of humor and how bluntly she describes her experience with products.

Mel Thompson– she comes up with some of the prettiest make up looks that I love to re-create on myself. She is also funny and has such an uplifting laugh.

Allison Chase– I love watching her Chanel reviews also. And she has such beautiful way of speaking. I love how she also does very wearable makeup looks for every day life.

Angela van Rose– I love watching her reviews and makeup looks. I love how she shows wearable looks like I would wear. She is so kind and classy.

Super Dacob– I love watching his Chanel reviews. He has such a poetic way of describing fragrance and painting a picture in your mind for the scent. He also is a wealth of knowledge on so much history around perfumes. I learn so much for watching him.

These are just a few of my favorite people I watch in no particular order. I couldn’t possible list all my favorites here, but I’ve watched these the most during March.

So that’s it for my favorites for March. What are some of your favorites lately? Do you have favorite YouTubers that you would like to share with me? I’m always looking for new people I can watch.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy during these times and always.

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