Self Care Sunday: Just a Little Rest and Relaxation

Today’s self care involves getting some extra rest and relaxation. I was going to start working on switching out my winter decor to my spring decor but didn’t even end up doing that. My husband and I were both feeling so tired so we just ordered a pizza and spent some time watching TV together on the couch.

I did do a little pampering in my beauty routine with a little facial massage with this facial roller after using the La Mer Replenishing Oil Exfoliator in the shower. This little roller by Skingym has really helped keep my jaw relaxed to keep my TMJ under control. I’ve been using it most days this week on my neck, jaw, and around my ears to relax those muscles. It works much better than trying to massage those areas with my hands.

The La Mer Treatment Lotion Mask is a quick option that only takes eight minutes for those days that you don’t really want to take the time for a longer mask.

I also did a little treatment for my hands with the La Mer Body Scrub. I like to follow that up with the La Mer Renewal Oil on my cuticles and then the La Mer Hand Cream. The process of using a scrub before hand cream really seems to help when my hands are extra dry from all hand washing I do.

Besides doing our regular chores that was the extent of our day. What did you do for self-care Sunday?

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