Jo Malone Lavenderland Collection Reviews: Wisteria and Lavender Cologne and Silver Birch and Lavender Cologne

I picked up two of the new colognes from the Lavenderland Collection by Jo Malone London. This collection features three colognes featuring the note of Lavender, a pillow mist, and a home fragrance diffuser.

The bottles feature different shades of lavender caps and painted bottoms that makes the glass look like it glows in shades of purple. I love the bottles and all the purple.

Wisteria and Lavender


Top: English Lavender

Middle: Wisteria

Base: White Musk

This fragrance smells like a slightly powdery floral and musk scent on me. The lavender is not as prominent in this one to my nose, but blends nicely into the rest of the fragrance notes. I feel like I smell the lavender more as a light cloud around me rather than if I sniff my wrist closely. This is a very unique scent to my collection as I don’t have anything like it. It reminds me of something from my childhood I can’t quite put my finger on. Being at my great grand mother, Nanny’s house in her bathroom and sewing room also comes to mind which is a nice memory. This one is my favorite of the two.

Silver Birch and Lavender


Top: Silver Birch

Middle: Grapefruit

Base: Lavender

This fragrance smells just like a rich herbal lavender with some citrus and woods. It’s the most linear lavender of the two and reminds me of mixing Lavender and citrus essential oils and wearing them as a perfume. This one leans more masculine on it’s own, on me, but would be a great scent to layer with other Jo Malone fragrances. This scent reminds me of a barbershop in the beginning and has a nice fresh quality to it. I wasn’t sure I would like it initially, but I kept wanting to sniff my wrist because the lavender note was such a nice, clean lavender.

Both scents lasted all day on my skin and I could even smell them the following day in the room where I sprayed them. I feel like these both had a lot of projection on me.

I think anyone that loves lavender will love this collection. If you don’t tend to like Lavender you may want to test them in person before purchasing.

Overall, both scents are a like for me but are not a love, as I have other Lavender dominant fragrances I love more. I would most likely reach for Chanel Jersey over these two when I’m in the mood to wear lavender.

The Lavenderland Collection is available now at, Nordstrom, and most counters. The collection is limited edition and the colognes retail for $72 each.

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