Chanel Le Blanc La Fleur et L’Eau Collection Review and Swatches

I was so excited when I first saw The New Chanel Le Blanc Collection online and I’m so happy that it came to the US website. I picked up the blush, the two nail polishes, and one of the Rouge Coco Flash Lipsticks.

I’m contemplating getting the lip palette but I passed on it and the eyeshadow palette’s for now. I’m not sure how often I would use the colors in the eyeshadow palettes or if I would really use a lip palette that much.

Rouge Coco Flash 112 Eau De Rose– The first photo above makes this lipstick look more bright pink, but if I turn my body blocking some of the natural light coming through my windows it looks more like how it does in real life, in the second photo. To my eyes it’s a little less plum than the second photo but more mauve than the top photo.

The color is sheer like all of these lipsticks and the color is a really pretty cooler toned, rosey, mauvey, pink color. It’s totally different than any of the other Rouge Coco Flash lipsticks that I have.

Joues Contraste Powder Blush 330 Rose Petillant– I love Chanel blushes and I get excited anytime I see a new one that is in the color range that I like. This color is a bright coral pink on my skin. And while it looks very bright in the pan it is very wearable once on the skin. This looks like such a pretty color for spring and it’s a color that really brightens my face.

Here are swatches of the lipstick on the left and the blush on the right.

Le Vernis Nail Colour In 743 Petale and 741 Fleur De Pecher– I love soft pink nail colors and I’ve really fallen in love with the Chanel nail polishes. They are very high-quality and last a really long time on my natural nails and I feel like they have such sophisticated and classy colors. These two pinks are no exception and are the items I was most excited about from this collection.

Petale is a lovely cooler toned cream pink with slight mauve undertones.

Fleur de Pecher is a shimmery peachy pink that has a coral undertone with some very fine pink shimmer. I was expecting this color to be more peach but it’s actually more pink in person, which I love. This would make a gorgeous Valentine’s Day nail color if you’re not going with red.

Other products in this collection that I did not pick up include:

Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops-this looks like a gorgeous pink liquid highlighter that you could use on its own or mixed in with foundation or skin care.

Update: I did pick up the Rosy Light Drops at a later date and have a full review here.

Eye Shadow Palettes in Au Fil Des Fleurs and Au Fil De L’Eau– both of these are beautiful palettes with the Camellia flower embossing, but I did not pick them up yet because I’m not sure how much I will use the colors. I don’t tend to use pinks in these shades on my eyes and I’m not sure how blue the grays look in person in the other palette. If I’m able to see these in person at a counter I might pick one up then.

Lip Palette in Camelias D’Eau– this is so gorgeous. I am really contemplating getting this at some point. It features four different shades of pink lipsticks in the luminous intense formula, that I love, and it has the gorgeous camellia flower embossing.

Gloss Lumiere Multi use Top Coat In Miroir D’Eau– this is a gorgeous color but this is basically an eye gloss and I never use eye glosses because I don’t like how they feel on my eyelids. They never fully set down and they stay wet and sticky feeling. If this is a product that you love then this would be a gorgeous color because it looks like an opalescent sheer pink.

Rouge Allure Ink Fusion Lipsticks In Fleur de Lotus and Pivoine– I don’t really use liquid lipsticks so I’m never really interested in these, but these formulas get great reviews on how long wearing they are and the colors are beautiful.

Rouge Coco Flash Lipstick in Ondee– this looks very orange in the tube so I skipped on this one, but I might change my mind if I see it in person.

Overall, I’m really happy with the items that I picked up and know that I will use them a lot. These are colors that I will be living in this spring and summer.

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