New Chanel Holiday 2019 Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I just had to pick up a few more colors of the new Chanel Holiday 2019 Luminous Intense Lipsticks. I really love this formula so much and have really enjoyed wearing the first two colors I chose.

The new colors I picked up are:

Rouge Splendide– this is a medium reddish coral pink on me that looks somewhat bright in some lighting. This is one of the only coral colors I’ve ever tried that didn’t turn orange on my lips. Love it! I’ve always wanted to wear coral.

Rouge Magnifique– a bright reddish orange. I was surprised how well I like this color. I normally don’t like orange lipsticks on myself, but something about this color, in this formula, really works for me.

Rouge Spectaculaire– a vivid true red that is very neutral toned on me. It’s more blue based, but not so much it looks too cool. It’s a very balanced red that I think would look good on most skin tones.

I wanted to pick up the darkest shade in Rouge Noble as well, but Nordstrom was out of it. If it comes back in stock I might grab that one, too.

I have reviewed the Rouge Delicieux and Rouge Majestueux lipsticks in my previous blog post: Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2019 Les Ornements de Chanel Review and Swatches.

Chanel really knocked it out of the park with this year’s lipsticks. I’m loving the highly pigmented formula that is long wearing and such elegant colors.

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