Self Care Sunday: Trying a Chanel Masque

Happy Self Care Sunday, everyone. Do any of you collect skincare samples in a drawer and then forget to actually try them, like I do? I have a bunch of Chanel samples that I really need to try so I thought I would try one today.

For today’s mask I’m trying out a sample of the Chanel Sublimage Masque: the Essential Regenerating Mask. This is a cream mask that I applied in a thin layer and left on for the suggested 10 minutes. I washed it off afterwards and was left with very hydrated and bouncy skin. It had a light scent and a creamy texture and color and this little tube probably has enough product for at least 3 applications. I followed with my usual morning skincare I’ve been using lately of the La Mer Treatment Lotion and the Tatcha Silk Cream Moisturizer. I think I only have one application left of the Treatment Lotion, so I might finish this little bottle up tonight and the Silk Cream sample pot seems to be bottomless.

My hands have been so dry this week since it has been so much colder so I decided to finally try this sample of the Chanel La Creme Main Hans Cream. It has a light scent that I like and soaks completely in after a few minutes and doesn’t leave my hands tacky or greasy.

Tonight I’m spending a little more time during my nighttime skin routine and am using the Shangpree Marine Energy Eye Masks and following with La Mer the Eye Concentrate eye cream and the rest of my night time skincare routine.

For dinner I made my own breakfast casserole recipe with ham, eggs, hash browns, and cheese. This is an easy one pot meal that reheats well in the oven.

At the end of the day my skin felt so hydrated and looked very bright and clear. I’m loving the results from this Chanel Masque so far. It’s definitely a rich formula so will be perfect during the fall and winter season when my skin is drier. It’s probably too much for me in the summer time.

What were you up to for self care Sunday? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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