Chanel Les Exclusifs Jersey Eau de Parfum Review

The Chanel Les Exclusifs line is quickly becoming my favorite fragrance line. I’ve fallen in love with several of these scents this year as I’ve sampled them. This line of fragrances feels like it was made for me, especially Jersey Eau de Parfum. Have you ever worn a fragrance that makes you feel even more like yourself and when you wear it you have the feeling of everything being a little more “right” in your world? That is the feeling evoked for me by this fragrance, in particular. I always feel calm and happy and more relaxed when I wear this perfume. The white musk is a musk that reminds me of my Mom because she used to wear a very similar white musk oil a lot when I was little. I think this scent memory also attributes to the comforting, hug-like feeling I get from this fragrance.

This is a fragrance I had assumed I would not like at all because of the lavender in it, and I am so glad I tried it any way because I found a true fragrance gem. It was literally love at first sniff.

This creamy, comforting fragrance contains notes of Lavender, White Musk, Vanilla, Wildflowers, Grass, Rose, Jasmine and Tonka Bean (according to I definitely smell the Lavender, White Musk, and Rose the most at first and the vanilla and tonka bean evolve more in the dry down. I normally don’t like lavender in fragrance on myself but this has been the first exception. This lavender feels more floral and less herbal on my skin and really blends well with the other notes where nothing stands out in a loud way.

This perfume was named after the jersey fabric that Chanel made accessible to us in every day wear. Until the 1920’s jersey fabric was normally only used in men’s undergarments until Chanel began making clothing for women out of this glorious fabric. She wanted to make clothing in which women could move, dance and live and laugh comfortably. I am so glad that she did because jersey knit is my favorite fabric and so I am not surprised it’s namesake perfume is also now a favorite as well.

I highly recommend that you try this fragrance out for yourself. You might find a new fragrance to love, too. The Les Exclusifs collection of fragrances is available at and Chanel boutiques.

Let me know if you have tried Jersey and what your thoughts and impressions are of this fragrance.


This post is not sponsored in any way. I am just sharing my own experience and opinions of the fragrance I purchased. All photos are taken by me on my Iphone 8. Links provided are for your convenience. 


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