First Peach and Lily K-Beauty Skincare Haul

I just made my first haul from Peach and Lily and am so excited to incorporate these new K-beauty products into my skincare routine. I’ve been focusing on nourishing and hydrating skincare and avoiding most harsh actives to let my skin calm down from the rosacea I was experiencing.

Products I purchased are:


The first thing I tried was the Shangpree Marine Energy Eye Masks. These gel eye masks are such a pretty shimmery green color and have a light botanical spa fragrance that did not bother my sensitive skin at all. They felt cooling and very nice on my under eyes. I left them on for 20 minutes and my eyes had less darkness and less puffiness when I took them off. My under eyes looked brighter and more awake the rest of the day.

Next I tried The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence. I applied this as my day time essence and really enjoyed how the milky texture absorbed easily into the skin. This felt nourishing and very hydrating and my skin really seemed to drink it up. It actually seemed to hydrate my skin so well I was less oily throughout the day. I felt like it was very balancing and my skin looked bright and clear. This is a product I’m excited to use on a regular basis as it is exactly the type nourishment I’m wanting right now.

The Peach and Lily Wild Dew Treatment Essence is a clear liquid consistency with no scent that I detect and it absorbs into the skin quickly leaving behind very hydrated skin. It felt soothing and nourishing and made my skin look calmer. I feel this essence is a little lighter than the Pure Lotus Essence and I really like that because I will be able to layer it in with other products without worrying about it increasing oiliness from too much moisture.

I’ve really been reading up on K-Beauty and glass skincare lately and am so excited to use the Peach and Lily Glass Skin Serum. It has peach in it and will be the first product I’ve tried that contains my favorite fruit. The serum is very light weight, clear and sinks in to the skin effortlessly. I feel it has already made my skin brighter and I look forward to experiencing it’s long term results.

I plan to use the Ariul Bamboo Water Sheet Mask this week for my weekly sheet mask and will give an update after I try it out.

Overall I am really happy with my first purchase from Peach and Lily. Their customer Service was top notch in responding to a question I had and the representative was so kind and helpful. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again. I have also really enjoyed their articles and helpful skincare advice on their website. Searching about glass skincare is actually how I found Peach and Lily on the web. I highly recommend checking them out.



This post is not sponsored in any way. I am just sharing my own experience and first impressions  and opinions of the products I purchased. All photos are my own taken on my Iphone 8. Links provided are for your convenience. 


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