My Updated Current Skincare Routine 2023

It has been a while since I shared my skincare routine and I have made several major changes to my skincare routine this year and thought I would share my updated routine.

For background, my skin type is combination, sensitive skin that is also dehydrated. I can get eczema and rosacea on my face very easily from different products, allergies, and sometimes even from what I eat.

Removing Fragrance and Caffeine Ingredients

The biggest changes I made to my skincare routine is that I stopped using skincare products that have fragrance in them as much as possible. I also suffer from migraines a lot and I noticed a lot of skincare has caffeine in it and after a while of trial and error and process of elimination, I found that caffeine in my skincare not only contributed to insomnia for me, but also was causing a lot of my migraines.

You’ll see that I’m not using as many La Mer products in my routine below and that is because most of the La Mer products, including all the moisturizers except the original Creme, contain caffeine pretty high up on the ingredient list.

Updated Morning Skincare Routine

This is my current skin care routine for spring, summer, and as we transition into fall.

My skin has become more oily again this year and the creams I was using were all becoming too heavy, so as I finished things up I replaced them with lighter products that are fragrance free.

I feel like my skin does best with a simple routine that does not include layering too many products at a time. I mainly focus on cleansing, then 2-3 light layers of essence or toner, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. This allows me to get a lot of hydration without it feeling heavy on the skin.

CLEANSE: In the morning I usually cleanse with my La Mer Cleansing Foam during my morning shower. Sometimes I might use the Cerave or whatever is in the shower, but most of the time it’s the La Mer in the morning.

ESSENCE: After I cleanse my face, I apply one light layer each of two or three essences or toners. Right now my go-to products are Primera Miracle Seed Essence, Mixsoon Lotus Flower Essence, and Hada Labo Shirojyun Lotion.

SERUM: After the essence, I sometimes follow with a serum, but many days I just skip this step altogether. When I do use one I am currently rotating between The Ordinary Copper Peptide Serum, The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronic Serum, or Timeless Coenzyme Q10 Serum.

TREATMENT: After the serum step I’ll use a very light layer of the Cosrx Snail Mucin 92 Cream.

MOISTURIZER: my usual day time moisturizer is the Cerave lotion in the large bottle. It’s not specific for face, but it is light and moisturizing and never breaks me out.

SUNSCREEN: I mostly use one of these sunscreens: La Roche Posay Anthelios, Nivea Super Water Sun Gel, or Isntree Watery Sun Gel because they are very light weight.

I honestly don’t use it every day because all sunscreens break me out after using them a many days in a row. My skin is just sensitive to sunscreen ingredients. I like one of these the most right now but am still on the hunt for my holy grail sunscreen that I can wear every day.

Masks and Treatments

FACE SCRUB: I have stopped using face scrubs since I am using Differin as my main exfoliant and I get too much irritation if I use a chemical and a manual exfoliant in the same week.

MASK: I sometimes use sheet masks for added moisture but it’s not a routine thing I’m doing anymore. I tend to only use masks now occasionally if I just want some extra pampering or more in the winter if I’m feeling extra dry to boost hydration.

My current favorite sheet masks are Pyunkang Yul Hydrating Mask and Black Tea Mask.

Updated Night Time Skincare Routine

MAKEUP REMOVAL and FIRST CLEANSE: In the evening I start by removing my makeup with my Neutrogena eye makeup remover,

Then I use cleansing oil to fully remove all traces of makeup with the Hada Labo cleansing oil or Softymo Speedy cleansing oil. I really love this one because it is fragrance free and a medium light consistency and is almost the same as the Hada Labo one. I just use whichever is cheaper on Amazon when I need to reorder.

SECOND CLEANSE: After using the cleansing oil, I will follow with a foam or gel cleanser. I usually use the Cerave Cream to Foam Cleanser that I keep in the shower. It is hydrating but also cleanses very well at the same time.

ESSENCE: after cleanser I follow with Pyunkang Yul Moisture Toner, and Hada Labo White Moist Lotion. Sometimes I might add in the Missha Time Revolution Essence or another essence but most night I just stick with the first two.

SERUM OR TREATMENT: I use Differin gel twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays. On those nights I don’t use anything else after cleansing besides the Differin and then my Olay moisturizer on top. I like those nights to be very simple and less products helps the Differin be more effective.

MOISTURIZER: I’m currently using the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream for summer and fall and will May switch back to the La Mer Cream again in the winter months if I need something heavier and I still have a La Mer Cream I need to use up.

Eye Creams

EYE CREAMS: I’m not currently using any eye creams. If needed I just use my moisturizer closer to my eyes at night and sometimes I might use an eye cream sample I have but I don’t usually use them.

Lip Care

LIP CARE: for a lip balms I use Aquaphor, or Cerave healing ointment.

Body Care

BODY MOISTURIZER: I like to use a lotion every day after the shower on my legs ns any tighter dry area and my favorite fragrance free ones right now are Hempz lotion, Pyunkang Yul Ceramide Lotion, or Cerave Moisturizing Cream if I’m really dry. I use the Cerave mostly in the winter months.

I feel like I really simplified my skincare routine this year compared to previous years and I feel like my skin is looking so much better without all the added fragrance and caffeine in everything I was using. I’m also sleeping better and having a lot less migraines.

I have found that I really enjoy using Korean and Japanese Essences and Toners and have several of them I will share in another post. I feel like my skin has become a lot healthier since sticking to this new type of routine.

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  1. I’m interested in the Korean and Japanese products you currently use. I’m also a migraine sufferer. I currently use the Dior Totale line and was considering switching to La Mer but your article has me intrigued now.

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