Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Isle Fragrance Collection Review

Victoria’s Secret just released the new Bombshell fragrance, Bombshell Isle, for summer and I love the blue color of the packaging this year and was drawn to the notes so immediately picked it up.

Bombshell Isle Mist, Perfume, and Lotion

Top Notes: Ocean Air

Middle Notes: Pearl Peony and Island Coconut

Base Notes: Sandalwood and Tonka Bean

Bombshell Isle Eau de Parfum

The Bombshell Isle Eau de Parfum starts off with a bright, fruity burst with some citrus right in the opening, along with some sweet coconut and aquatic notes. After a few minutes, It turns softer and a little more fresh and the peony floral notes come forward. I definitely get something that would resemble the ocean air notes. It is light and airy, fresh and sweet.

It smells fresh and clean in the heart like you just took a shower and put on a fresh fruity fragrance. It still smells feminine and pretty and doesn’t have the more cologne type notes that most of the Bombshell fragrances have.

When it starts to dry down I get more of the sandalwood and it becomes a little warmer and sweeter. I can smell the Tonka bean coming to the forefront and the coconut becomes a little more sugary. The tart fruity notes come back stronger at the end on my skin and it projects more now then when I first out it on. Almost like my skin warmed it up for hours like fruits being warmed in the sun on the beach.

Bombshell Isle is a light fragrance that would be great in warm and hot weather without becoming too much. It had sweetness but done in a way that would never be too cloying.

It definitely warms up on my skin compared to just being sprayed on clothing. On clothing it is more fruity and more tart aquatic scent. On my skin it is warmer and sweeter overall.

Bombshell Isle Fine Fragrance Mist

The Bombshell Isle Fine Fragrance Mist starts of fruity and sweet. And stays a little bit more sweet and fruity than the Eau de Parfum but I find it to develop very much like the perfume on my skin but is overall a little sweeter and the coconut seems slightly more prominent. The EDP stays a little bit fresher and more airy aquatic than the mist.

Bombshell Isle Body Lotion

The Bombshell Isle Body Lotion is a little bit stronger on the citrus notes than the EDP or the mist and It is also a lighter scent overall. It is great for layering under both the EDP and the mist.

I purchased this online on the first day of release and got the bundle that includes the Perfume, lotion, body mist, and the bag for $95. There is currently another bundle also available on the website.

The bag that came in this bundle is a good size and really cute. It would be great to take to the beach or pool.

Overall, I am really loving this fragrance. It is more fruity and less woodsy than most of the Bombshell flankers, of the past, on my skin.

I love how light and airy and fresh this scent is. It is easy to wear and perfect for every day. I really think I will buy a backup bottle before it is gone because I love it so much. I can see myself reaching for this all spring and summer.

The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Isle fragrance is limited edition and currently available in store and online. It comes in multiple sizes of the EDP, Rollerball, Fine Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion and Body Wash.

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