Escada Santorini Sunrise Eau de Toilette Review

This years Escada Summer Fragrance, Santorini Sunrise Eau de Toilette, is a fun, fruity citrus and Jasmine scent. It has a gorgeous blue ombre bottle and makes me think of sailing along the coast. I love the blue color of the bottle this year.

Escada Santorini Sunrise

Top Notes: Fresh Mandarin Sorbet and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Jasmine Petals and Bougainvillea

Base Notes: Pink Peppercorn and Earthy Notes

Upon first spray, I immediately smell fresh lemon, mandarin, and citrus notes, as well as some creamy and sweet, fruity notes. It has a fresh smell to it and a little bit of zesty spice from the pink pepper. I feel like I get a little bit of an ice cream vibe as well, that has a fluffy and airy quality.

As the heart notes develop, there is a bit of icy and creamy citrus with the jasmine notes. I love the ice cream or marshmallow note that comes through here.

In the dry down, the base becomes slightly more peppery with more floral Jasmine coming forward. The pink peppercorn is not prominent in my skin, but gets stronger as it dries down. The citrus and sweet creamy notes fade a little but are still there in the background. As the fragrance nears the end it becomes a more tart and juicy citrus and Jasmine.

This fragrance is really bright and uplifting and makes me think of being outside on a sunny spring day or reminds me of going on fun summer outings to fairs and festivals. It instantly makes me feel happy and look forward to warm spring and summer weather.

Escada Santorini Sunrise

This fragrance lasts all day on my skin and has moderate projection.

I am loving this fragrance! It’s definitely one of my top favorite Escada scents from recent years. It is well blended and very inviting to wear. I feel like it goes really well with my skin chemistry and I have really been enjoying this one. I highly recommend trying this scent. I feel like it is a pretty safe blind buy if you like citrusy, fruity, sweet scents.

Escada Santorini Sunrise EDT is available in multiple sizes, is limited edition, and currently available at

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