Recent Beauty Empties 2021

Today I’m sharing beauty empties for the first six months of the year, January through May 2021. Below I’ll discuss what I thought about each product and whether or not I would re-purchase it.


La Mer Skincare Empties

La Mer Skincare Empties:

  • The Body Refiner Scrub– I love this body scrub and have one more back up of it that I already opened. It is very hydrating and you don’t even need a moisturizer afterwards. Unfortunately this product has been discontinued.
  • The Cleansing Foam– this is my favorite facial cleanser. I always keep a back up of this and have one in my shower currently.
  • The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator in full size and sample size- this is my favorite facial scrub. It just always exfoliate my skin but yet remains gentle every time. I always have this in my shower. I never want to be without this.
  • The Micellar Water in a half size, and deluxe samples- I already have another bottle open. I prefer this half-size bottle because it actually fits in my skin care cabinet, whereas the really large tall bottles have to sit on top. So I may keep this bottle and just refill it from my new larger bottle.
  • The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum deluxe sample- I have a full size of this than I am halfway through but I like to finish these deluxe samples up when I get them so that they don’t spoil. It is my favorite hydrating serum.
  • The Concentrate deluxe samples x2- I like to use the samples up as I get them and these little deluxe sample sizes last a very long time. I also have a full-size that I’m working on. Definitely my favorite daytime face serum.
  • Neutrogena Eye make up remover x2-this is my favorite eye make up remover and I always have a couple of these on hand. I have tried so many others but I always go back to this because it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.
  • Sheseido cotton pads x2- these are my favorite cotton pads and I always keep several on hand.
  • DHC Pure Soap x 6- This is my favorite soap for shaving now and I go through these pretty quickly because they are small. But it’s one of the few things that doesn’t break my skin out or leave it too dry.
  • Chanel Sublimage Masque– I really enjoy using this mask, but I don’t feel like it’s any better than the La Mer Reviralizing mask. It is extremely moisturizing and my skin looks very healthy, but sometimes it can almost be too heavy for my combination skin. This is a maybe for purchasing the full size.
  • Chanel Gommage– this is a very nice moisturizing face scrub, but I still prefer other scrubs over this one so will not purchase the full size.
  • Chanel Solution 10 Moisturizer-I really enjoy this moisturizer for daytime. My skin was very calm and comfortable when using this and very hydrated. I am not sure I would purchase the full size of this because I don’t know if it’s worth the full price. I feel like there are other fragrance free simple moisturizers out there that are much less expensive than this one.
  • Chanel Sublimage La Creme Lumiere– I loved using this face cream. Some days it could be a little bit too moisturizing and heavy for the day time and I would have to blot my face a few times throughout the day. I don’t plan to purchase the full size because it’s very expensive and I prefer my La Mer moisturizers over this one. I don’t feel like the brightening effect was significant enough for the price. I would rather spend the money on my favorite La Mer moisturizer, which is less expensive, doesn’t make me oily, and lasts me a lot longer.


  • Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara in full size and mini size- this has become one of my favorite mascaras and I already have another full size in my drawer. It makes my lashes look curled without having to use an eyelash curler. I love it!
  • Chanel Le Volume Revolution Mascara-I love the original le volume mascara but not this one. I like how it looks while I’m wearing it, but I don’t like that it becomes very flaky when I remove it and little bits get in my eyes and irritate them. It’s pretty messy to remove so I won’t re-purchase this one. I also don’t feel like this one is as lengthening as the original formula.
  • L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara-this is a staple mascara that I’ve been using for many years. It’s the only thing I use on my bottom lashes, but I also like to use it on my top lashes too. It is a great lengthening tubing mascara.


  • Colleen Rothschild Hair Mask in full size and mini size- this has become my favorite hair mask. It’s so moisturizing and makes my hair look so healthy and full. I absolutely love it and already have two more jars. I absolutely love the scent of this as well.
  • Gisou Hair Mask Mini- I really enjoy this hair mask and it smells absolutely beautiful. It conditioned my hair very nicely but I have other masks that I prefer for the price. I could also get two of the Colleen Rothschild ones for the price of one of these. So I would only purchase this on a good sale.
  • Biolage Hydrating Balm– this is a staple hair conditioner that I use as a hair mask and sometimes use it for a daily conditioner. I’ve used this for years and will never be without it.
  • Biolage Hydrating Shampoo (forgot to save this to photograph) I always use the large liter size. This is my go to shampoo for years now. It is always makes my hair feel moisturizer, healthy, and clean.


I normally don’t save things that I de-clutter or even mention them, but these two things just happen to get tossed in the empties basket. The Estee Lauder cleanser is just okay. I just don’t really like the scent on my face, so I’m tossing the last little bit.

The Tula Cleanser I tried a couple times but it actually broke me out in little bumps on my face both times, so I’m tossing it. It also feels like it doesn’t rinse off clean and was disappointed in this. I definitely would not purchase this. I was really excited to try this out because so many people on Instagram use Tula and recommend their products, but I kind of wonder if it’s just because they offer a high commission rate. I definitely do not feel this cleanser lived up to the hype at all. Even though it is less expensive than my favorite cleansers, I still feel like most drugstore cleansers do a better job than this one and cost half the price.

If you have tried either of these two cleansers let me know your thoughts on them in the comments. I would love to know if I am the only one who doesn’t like these.

So that’s all the empties for this round. I did just go through and declutter a lot of my make up and skin care. I they talk about some of that in a future post. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in reading about things I declutter.

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