Maison Margiela Replica Bubble Bath Eau De Toilette Review

Maison Margiela Replica Bubble Bath is a unisex fragrance that was released in 2020 and I finally picked it up during the last Sephora sale.

I have been enjoying all of the Fragrances that I have tried from this house lately.

I absolutely love the Replica Perfume bottles and the aqua blue color of this juice is just beautiful.

Top Notes: Soap and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose

Base Notes: Coconut, White Musk, and Patchouli

Bubble Bath opens with a burst of fresh citrus and soapy notes. It is immediately Fresh and smells just like the name suggests, like a luxurious bubble bath.

It has a relaxing scent right from the beginning that is fresh and clean and makes me feel calm like I just emerged from a long and relaxing bubble bath and can still smell the soap bubbles on my skin. I’m not sure how they did it, but they definitely made this fragrance smell like the soap bubbles are fresh and still popping on the skin. It has that effervescent quality to the soapy notes that really bring the experience to life.

It’s a very well blended fragrance. I can’t pick out any notes that stand out more than the others. There is a creaminess to it with hints of rose and coconut after a few minutes of spraying. It also becomes a little warmer and then the musk starts to come through in the middle notes.

Luckily I don’t really smell any patchouli in this fragrance at all. I don’t tend to like patchouli because it just doesn’t agree with my body chemistry. Maybe they just put a tiny amount just to deepen the base notes a little bit. Normally any amount of patchouli becomes prominent on me and it does not in this fragrance. So if you like to avoid patchouli and haven’t tried this fragrance because it is listed as a note, don’t worry, because I don’t detect it at all.

This fragrance just smells very fresh, clean, and warm. Rose and lavender comes through more in the middle and dry down, but still stays blended in with the rest of the notes. I also smell more white musk coming through as it dries down and it gets a little creamier, but the soapy scent is the dominant notes for me.

This is a fragrance that is clean and soapy but does not become powdery on me. A lot of soapy fragrances can be powdery, but I don’t detect any of that here. I love a powdery fragrance, also.

Bubble Bath can be worn any time of day but I especially love it during the daytime and before bed.

I think this would smell wonderful on anyone who likes clean and soapy fragrances. It is not too complex and that’s one of the things I really enjoy about it because it is simple and easy to wear. It is a perfect fragrance for a day that you just want to relax. This would also be a perfect fragrance to wear to an office or a setting where you don’t want your fragrance to be overpowering.

The wear time is very good on me. I get all day wear out of this and it’s still on my wrists even after I shower in the evening. I also don’t tend to have problems with fragrances lasting on me.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this fragrance! I love the way this makes me feel relaxed and calm. I love how this fragrance perfectly captures the soap bubbles and the entire experience of a bubble bath, in scent form. I love wearing this fragrance on days that I am focusing on self-care, on casual days around the house, and to bed, because it is a very serene and relaxing fragrance.

I definitely think this is a fragrance that most people will like if you like clean and soapy notes. It is a safe blind buy, in my opinion, if you already know you like these types of fragrances. If you love Replica Lazy Sunday Morning, I think you will love Bubble Bath, too.

Maison Margiela Replica Bubble Bath is currently available at Sephora and Nordstrom and retails for $135.

Bubble Bath Fragrance also comes in a travel size pen spray and a candle.

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