La Mer Soft Moisture Powder Foundation Review and Swatches

La Mer recently released a new powder foundation called The Soft Moisture Powder Foundation with broad-spectrum SPF 30. It is described as a long wearing foundation that is also moisturizing.

I haven’t really seen many people talk about this foundation yet so I had to try it for myself. I waited until I could get into the counter to be shade matched and my shade in 02 Ecru is a perfect. It has a neutral undertone and matches perfectly with my La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation Shade in 120 Ivory. It comes in 12 shades that I feel are pretty versatile and forgivable. I feel like I could actually wear a couple more of the shades and it still look good.

Skin Prep

For starters, I did not wear any face primer under this foundation any of the days I tested it. I do not typically wear face primer anyway because I just don’t feel like I need to. Since I have switched to La Mer Skincare, I feel like the Moisturizer acts as a good primer on its own. It keeps the skin moist and supple and I never have any trouble with my foundation not lasting all day, or any of the issues for which people use primer.

Testing Over MAC Studio Fix Fluid

First day testing this foundation I wore it over my MAC Cosmetics studio fix fluid foundation as a setting powder. This powder is extremely finally milled and very silky to the touch. Applied as a setting powder over my foundation, it is undetectable on my skin. It also has a subtle glow to it that just makes my skin look extra healthy. It seems to blur the pores around my cheeks and nose more than other powders I’ve been using lately, which is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder. After having the powder over top of my foundation for a couple hours it actually even looks better than when I first applied it. It wore all day and looked beautiful and radiant.

Testing Over La Mer Soft Fluid

The second time wearing this foundation I wore it over the La Mer soft fluid long wear foundation. It applied even more beautifully over this foundation. It blended into the foundation so well that I could not see powder on my face at all. It did add a little bit more coverage to the foundation, which I really liked. I feel like this combination really made my skin look flawless. It wore all day over this foundation as well and I did look more glowy at the end of the day than with my Mac foundation. It still looked beautiful and very natural.

Wearing By Itself

The third way I wore this foundation was just applied by itself as my only foundation with a sponge swiping it on just like I would when I would wear my favorite MAC powder foundation. This time I just used one of those triangle sponges that you get from the grocery store, and my first impression of putting it on this way is, Wow! I was skeptical that it wouldn’t have much coverage, but it actually has wonderful coverage on its own. It is Very comparable to the Mac studio fix coverage but it doesn’t look powdery at all. You can even build the coverage on top of any redness or discoloration. It also builds on itself without adding any texture. I’m actually really amazed!

I used to use Mac studio fix powder foundation as my main foundation for years when I had more oily skin. I stopped in recent years because it would look more powdery as my skin has become more dehydrated, but this does not. It doesn’t emphasize pores or fine lines at all. In fact, it seems to blur them and still offers a radiance to the skin that is not from glitter or shimmer particles. I’ve check with a magnifying mirror in full sun and did not see any shimmer particles.

Testing Concealer on Top

Normally when I apply powder foundation as my main foundation of the day, I will apply concealer first. But I forgot to do that today so I applied the concealer on top of the powder to test out how it would perform. It actually applied great over top of the powder. It didn’t apply any differently than if I put on my liquid and let it set first. I was even able to set it on top with more powder and it still does not show any texture or powderyness on the skin. I’m quite impressed with how well it layers without looking like powder.

This Powder Foundation will most likely be my new go-to. It is so good. There is a luminous glowy quality to my skin and it just looks very natural. I even asked my husband what his opinion was and he did not see powder on my skin and he said it looked very natural. It looks like a perfected radiant natural finish to me.

The wear time was just as good wearing it on its own as it was using it as a setting powder over a liquid foundation. I’ve continued to wear it every day in various ways either over other foundations, skin tints, or on its own, and it consistently applies and wears wonderfully.


A heavy swatch so you can see the texture and color.

This powder has the usual La Mer makeup fragrance in it, but in this powder it is very light and toned down. It is not noticeable at all once I am wearing it, like the fragrance goes away after I’ve had it on for a little bit.

Here is a swatch of it blended out on my hand

Final Thoughts

This powder foundation really surprised me by how smooth and long wearing it is, yet how natural and radiant at the same time. It never looks dry or powdery. I am loving it so much and have worn it every day since I began testing it out. I’ve even taken it with me for touch ups and it works great as a touch up powder as well.

I highly recommend this powder if you love powder foundations or want a beautiful radiant setting powder. I think if you have anywhere from dry to combo skin you will really enjoy this powder foundation. If you are very oily it might be a little too hydrating for you, but you can always test it out and see how it works for you. My skin is pretty combination right now and can get a little oily during the day, but it just looks like I’m dewy from wearing a radiant foundation. It really does give the “La Mer Glow” to my skin and I love it.

I love that it has an SPF30, as well, because this can be applied over your make up throughout the day without looking cakey.

The La Mer Soft Moisture Powder Foundation retails for $125 and is available at La Mer’s website, Nordstrom, Sephora, and everywhere La Mer is sold.

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