Beauty Favorites for March 2021

My favorites for the month of March are mostly pieces that I have had for a long time and I’ve just re-discovered how much I love the shades. I’ve been focusing on using a lot of old favorites and pulling out things from my collection to use that I haven’t used in a while.


I’ve been using a lot of different make up products from my collection, including wearing a lot of different shades of blushes and lip products. I have so many pretty shades, I’m trying to give them all some more love.

I have kept eyes pretty neutral and using mostly the same few palettes, because I felt less inspired with my eye make up this month. I’ve been having more fun switching up my blush and lip combos instead. Sometimes you can achieve many different looks with the same eyeshadow palette by changing out your blush and lip colors.

Tom Ford Virgin Orchid and Body Heat Quads, Dior Undress and Plum Tulle Palettes

These are a few of the Eyeshadow Palettes I have reached for the most. I’ve pretty much been using eye shadows that are close at hand on my vanity. I’ve been sticking with mostly neutrals (as usual) and some purple tones.

Chanel Blushes: In Love, Rose Ecrin, Rose Petale, and Rose Glacier

Hearing that Chanel was changing their iconic blush formula made me a pull out all of my Chanel Blushes to use all the shades again. Just so I could see if I wanted to get any back ups of any shades that I love in the old formula, just in case I don’t love the new formula as much.

They also came out with two new shades in the new formula that I did purchase and will be reviewing in an upcoming post soon. I can’t wait to try out the two new shades in the new formula.

I have really re-discovered a lot of classic beautiful shades in the Chanel Blushes. I pulled all of them out to the top of my vanity and have a really had a lot of joy wearing a different color each day with a few repeats. The ones above are the ones that I have worn the most.

This month I’ve really enjoyed wearing a variety of lipsticks from my stash. I’ve tried to not repeat shades too often so I use more of them but here are the ones I’ve worn the most.

I really enjoying wearing the Chanel Ultra Tenue Duo lipsticks, especially anytime I’m going out and about and having to wear the mask, because I don’t have to worry about it smearing or getting on my face. I reviewed and swatches my entire collection of them here.

I’ve also been loving wearing a lot of the different shades of Chanel lipgloss that I have. None of them are new to me at all but it’s still one of my favorite lipgloss formulas ever. Many of the colors pair beautifully to the Chanel Blushes.

Well, it does feel like March has been a month of Chanel make up here, but I have actually been wearing other brands as well. I like to share what I’ve used and loved the most for the month and it just happens to be mostly Chanel.


For skin care I’ve been sticking with my tried-and-true La Mer routine and just really been enjoying using every product that I have. My full skincare routine can be found here. This has been the first transition from winter to spring that my skin has been in such great condition, and I feel like I owe it all to my skin care routine. I have finally found what really works for me. My whole routine sparked so much joy and really has made me not want to try any other skincare out there right now. I just love it so much.

Here are a few Products from my routine that I wanted to highlight this month. I have been adding in the Renewal Oil in my night time routine more often. What I’ve been doing differently is I will use a drop of this mixed in with my moisturizer instead of a using a serum. So this way I don’t have too many layers on my skin, but I am able to get the benefits from the oil more often. It’s just easy to alternate days using a serum in the evening or the oil and keep it at a minimal routine.

I also really love these Hydrating Sheet Masks. I will use one of these twice before tossing it. There is so much product left on the mask after the first application that I will fold it back up and seal it in a plastic bag to use again. I always use it within a week after opening it, but I love that you can get two uses out of one mask. They are so luxurious feeling and extremely hydrating and nourishing. They are the ultimate at home spa treat.

I also want to shout out the Treatment Lotion again because it is just a wonderful moisturizing essence. I feel like my skin really enjoys getting moisture and nutrients from the essence rather than a lot of layers with serums. I feel like with the Treatment Lotion, I often don’t really even need a serum. I feel like it provides enough benefit to my skin on its own. Some nights all I use after I cleanse is just the Treatment Lotion and then follow up with my favorite Creme De La Mer.


This month has been all about light and floral fragrances for me.

These are the perfumes I’ve been loving the most lately. They all just feel so light, bright, and airy that it really lifts my mood into spring mode.

Chanel Les Exclusifs No 18 EDP

Chanel Les Exclusifs 1957 EDP

Chanel Les Exclusifs Gardenia EDP

Chanel Les Exclusifs Beige pure parfum

What have you been loving lately? Did you spot any of your favorites? Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments.

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