Jaclyn Cosmetics Bronze and Blushing Duos Review and Swatches

Jaclyn Cosmetics just launched these new Bronze and Blushing Duos and I picked up three of the shades that I will review and swatch below.

I ordered part of these from Jaclyn’s website and part from Ulta and I was impressed with how quickly I got my order from Jaclyn‘s website and how well each item was packed in the box. Each blush and bronzer duo was wrapped in bubble wrap inside more bubble wrap.

The packaging is gorgeous and pretty substantial for the price point of $36. The mirror inside is very good quality and I love that the lids are easy to open but they also stay closed well.

Jaclyn Cosmetics Bronze & Blushing Duos

The formula of the blush is a satin formula and the bronzer is also a satin, but has a little bit less sheen than the blushes. The bronzers and blushes go on very silky and buildable with a soft and buttery texture to the powders. They do not emphasize pores or texture at all and look very natural on the skin with a hint of a glow.

The bronzer goes on my skin very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer, like how it is a little bit sheer but very buildable and natural. It is hard to get a bad application with this powder. It is very beginner friendly and great for those people who love to pile on their bronzer. It blends into the skin and the rest of our make up effortlessly and looks like skin. It doesn’t leave a powdery look to the skin at all.

The Blushes also have a semi sheerness to them where they are very buildable but on me they are all still very pigmented. They are pigmented in a soft and natural way that never looks overdone. The blush formula actually kind of reminds me of the Mac Mineralize blushes. On my skin they apply and look very similar in texture and color saturation. The shades themselves are different than any of the Mac ones I own but the formula is the most comparable one I can think of. I feel like if you love the Mac mineralize Blushes you will love these blushes by Jaclyn Cosmetics.

The bronzer and blush duos last all day on me with only a little fading at the end of the day, which is the same wear as Mac and Nars blushes on my skin. Blush is always the first thing to fade on my skin, but usually only happens on days I am more oily. The only blushes, I can think of, that I have that don’t fade a little on me are the Chanel Blushes.

Pink Me Up and Oh Honey

This duo is the lightest of the three that I purchased. It has a neutral to cool pink blush with a light warm toned bronzer.

Swatches of Pink Me Up/Oh Honey

This blush is very pigmented on me. It is a gorgeous soft pink that leans a little bit cool in undertone and looks like a healthy, natural, and youthful flush to the skin.

This bronzer has a warmer undertone but looks very natural with my skin tone. This one is a shade that looks the most like the Chanel Les Beiges cream bronzer on my skin. It’s like a powder version of that color and is very buildable. It gives a nice sun kissed look to my face.

Sunkissed and Bronze Moment

This duo contains a coral pink blush with a more cool toned bronzer. This bronzer is the darkest of the three on me.

Swatches of Sunkissed/Bronze Moment

This duo is the most pigmented on me and the bronzer is the coolest undertone out of the three I picked up. This is a good contour bronzer color for my skin tone. I actually have to go in with a light hand on this because it had a lot of color on me. The Blush is very complementary to the color in my natural skin when I actually do blush. The shade reminds me the most of Nars Orgasm blush. It is not exactly the same shade but it’s in that same family.

Warm Flush and Golden Goddess

This duo is the warmest of the three with a peach blush and a medium warm toned bronzer.

Swatches of Warm Flush/Golden Goddess

This duo has a gorgeous peach colored blush and the warmest of the duos that I purchased. Thus color is going to be gorgeous in the summer when I have a little bit more color, but it is still not too warm for me to wear now. I don’t have to be as light handed with this bronzer as I do the previous one, but I can get a nice natural bronze look from this duo. This blush stays looking peach on me instead of turning orange like a lot if peach tones can, so I really appreciate that the color stays true on my skin.

Comparing All Three

Swatches of Pink Me Up, Sunkissed, and Warm Flush

You can see in this photo that these shades look very different on my very fair skin because the undertones are all very different. These also do not look alike on my cheeks once applied, either. I am very happy I picked up all three of these shades, as I first thought that they might be more similar than they are.

Swatches of Pink Me Up, Sunkissed, and Warm Flush

This picture of the swatches is a little bit more muted in the lighting so it really shows the difference in the undertones best.

Swatches of Oh Honey, Bronze Moment, and Golden Goddess

This photo shows how different all three of these bronzer colors are on my skin tone, but they all actually work really well on my face. I like that they are each different on me so that way I have multiple options.

Final Thoughts

I am very happy with all three of the blush and bronzer duos that I picked up. I really love the formula of them and how natural and pretty they look on the skin. I think the colors are very flattering and I do think the shades of both the blushes and bronzers are pretty forgiving and can be used for a wide range of skin tones.

These blend effortlessly into the rest of my make up and the bronzer colors never make my face look dirty. I look forward to trying out more of her cosmetics line because all of these are very well done.

The Jaclyn Cosmetics Bronze and Blushing Duos retail for $36 and are available now on JaclynCosmetics.com and at Ulta. Some colors are sold out, but are part of the permanent range in her line, so will be coming back in stock soon.

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