Chanel Les Exclusifs 1957 Eau de Parfum Review

Chanel released 1957 Eau de Parfum to the Les Exclusifs line of fragrances in early 2019. I Forget exactly when I purchased this but I know it had been out for a few months before I bought it and I didn’t purchase it until I received a sample in an order I placed from the Chanel website. I fell in love the first time I wore it.

Top Notes: Bergamot, White Musk, Pink Pepper, Coriander

Middle Notes: Iris, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, White Musk

Base Notes: Cedar, White Musk, Honey, Orris, Cashmeran, Vanilla

Immediately upon spraying this fragrance I smell salty limes with a soft white musk whispering behind it that makes me think of a happy summer day. I know lime isn’t listed as a note, but that’s how my nose interprets the scent. I start smelling whiffs of florals and a powdery honey with hints of freshness after about fifteen minutes.

The heart of this fragrance settles into a beautiful lightly powdery floral with the Iris and blossoms so well blended it just seems like a silky bouquet. The white musk is more prominent now and has a cleanness and freshness to it that is sort of crisp at times and soft at other times.

For some reason, I find that I love to wear this fragrance when I’m cooking a nice dinner. It always goes well with whatever good food smells are in the air in the kitchen and it always makes me feel positive and energized to smell this scent. I also enjoy wearing this fragrance as a go to scent when I’m going somewhere because it is so timeless and sophisticated it can be worn anywhere.

The dry down continues with the soft lightly sweetened floral notes blended with woody and creamy notes coming through. All of the notes are just dancing together in a soft silky harmony together. The fragrance is so uplifting and elegant from start to finish. It’s a fragrance that lasts all day on me and I can still smell hints if it on my wrists in the morning.

Chanel 1957 is very timeless and pretty and is appropriate for any occasion, in my opinion. It is also so beautiful to wear all year round; it goes well with all of the seasons.

While this perfume feels feminine on me, it does have a freshness to it that I think would lend it to being unisex and versatile for anyone to wear. I feel like this is the type of fragrance that will really bloom and transform once on your skin and meld with your own chemistry to be unique to you.

I highly recommend everyone give this fragrance a sniff next time you are at a Chanel boutique or to get a sample, if you can, to test it out. It has quickly become one of my top favorite fragrances. It’s definitely one I want to always have in my collection.

Chanel Les Exclusifs 1957 is currently available in Chanel boutiques and on

Have you smelled Chanel 1957? I would love to know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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