Beauty Favorites for February 2021

This month I’ve been wearing makeup most days and using a lot of different products from my collection. I’ve really enjoyed using some old favorites and just digging through my collection to see what I had forgotten about or hadn’t used in a while.

My favorites this month are products that I reached for the most throughout the month. Some items are newer to me and some items I have had for a long time.


I have switched up my eyeshadows the most this month and that’s where I’ve really been playing with color and just having fun with my looks, but these palettes are ones that I found myself reaching for a lot. I really do love the Dior eyeshadow formula and the Revlon Palettes have quickly become favorites.

For cheek products, I tended to reach for these the most because they’re out on my vanity and I didn’t switch these up as often as I did the eyeshadows this month. These here have been my go to highlights and blushes and these colors went perfectly with any eye look I chose.

I also really enjoyed switching up my lip combos this month. I have enjoyed pulling out a lot of old favorite shades that I have had in my collection for a while. Some of these are newer to me but these are the lip products I have reached for the most this month.

Skin Care

For skin care this month my favorites are pretty simple. For face skin care I am still using my regular La Mer skin care routine.

I focused more on body care this month and I have enjoyed taking baths in my jetted tub again. (A long term injury kept me from enjoying baths for a while because the heat from the water would increase swelling). The shower gels have been my favorites for using as bubble bath. I don’t tend to use scented shower gels in the actual shower but I love them for scenting the water when I relax in the bath.

These two body creams have been in constant rotation over the month. My skin has been so dry and these two body lotions really helped my body skin be healthy and hydrated.


These are the three fragrances I have reached for the most in February. I actually didn’t wear Fragrance nearly as much this month but these were my go to perfumes.

Did you spot any of your favorites here? Let me know what some of your favorites are in the comments.

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