Jo Malone London Midnight Musk and Amber Cologne Review

Jo Malone released the Midnight Musk and Amber Cologne as part of their limited edition Holiday collection for 2020. I always enjoy Jo Malone’s Holiday fragrances and this Cologne has become one of my top favorite holiday scents they have made along with Ginger Bisquit and White Moss and Snowdrop.

I even managed to pick this up during a sale at my local Dillards counter, when it came out, and the extra savings just make me love it even more.

Top Notes: Juniper and Mandarin

Middle Notes: Amber

Base Notes: Midnight Musk

The fragrance opens with A sparkling citrus with hints of juniper. And it almost immediately begins to soften with the amber coming through in a creamy, silky way. The middle notes are mostly amber with a soft hint of citrus that is like creamy cashmere on my skin. Every time I sniff my wrists I sign with happy contentment.

The musk starts coming through and dancing with the Amber after about twenty minutes but the Amber stays prominent with the musk, juniper, and citrus dancing around the outside and sometimes in the background. They feel like the supporting cast and Amber is the star of the show.

As the fragrance dries down the musk starts coming to the forefront more and intertwining with the amber to where they almost become one. At this stage the citrus has mostly left the stage, but hints of the freshness from the juniper are still mingling about here and there.

This fragrance has a very warm, soft, and silky presence to me. It envelops me in a warm and comforting scent. I love wearing it on a snowy day because it just glistens with softness and a sparkling warmth.

Midnight Musk and Amber kind of reminds me of Tom Ford’s Soleil Neige in the middle and dry down. If I spray them both, one on each wrist, there is something similar about them on my skin even though the notes are completely different. I can’t quite put my finger on what the similarity is, but I think it has something to do with the way the citrus kind of sparkles on top of the soft creamy warm scent. The Amber also has a similar touch of sweetness when it blends with my skin.

The juniper adds a freshness to the edges of the scent. Just as you think it is becoming all Amber the juniper freshness and hints of citrus will come back again in a very soft wave, like a sheer chiffon in the breeze by an open window. There is a very soft crispness about the scent that reminds me of snow.

The fragrance lasts all day on my skin, as most fragrances do on me, and I can still smell it on my wrists as a skin scent the next morning.

I highly recommend pairing this fragrance with Ginger Bisquit as it just takes it to another level in the sweet winter comforting type of scent.

I really enjoy this fragrance and hope that Jo Malone brings this back, either as part of the permanent line, or during another release next holiday. In my opinion this is one of the more unique scents that they have and is unlike any of their core fragrances.

The Jo Malone Midnight Musk and Amber Cologne is limited edition and currently sold out at most retailers, but sometimes Nordstrom and Saks will restock some of the limited-edition fragrances so you could keep an eye out there if you’re looking for it.

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