Jo Malone London Lost In Wonder Fig and Lotus Flower Review and Scent Combining Ideas

Jo Malone London just released their new Lost in Wonder collection which includes Fig and Lotus Flower Cologne and Cypress and Grapevine Cologne Intense. This collection is inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens.

Today I’m sharing my review of Fig and Lotus Flower which is described as a light floral fragrance. I pre- ordered this directly from the Jo Malone website and have been wearing it for a few weeks now in order to form a good solid opinion of this fragrance. I’ve also been combining it with several other Jo Malone fragrances that I have and will share my review of those combos below.

Fragrance Notes in Fig and Lotus Flower:

Top Notes: Fig Leaf, Neroli

Middle Notes: Lotus Flower

Base Notes: Vetiver

This fragrance comes across very citrusy on my skin. On me it is citrus with a very faint light floral in the background. It has some aquatic notes and a woodsy base. I don’t notice much Fig note. There are hints of a green note that come through lightly. I would say this fragrance is definitely unisex and more masculine on me than I expected. I was thinking this would be a light floral with some Fig and didn’t expect the citrus to be prominent.

After wearing this fragrance alone and combined over the past few weeks, I feel that I prefer wearing this Fig and Lotus Flower paired with another fragrance.

Scent Pairings I’ve tried with Fig and Lotus Flower:

Wood Sage and Sea Salt: this fragrance makes the Fig and Lotus Flower fresher and tones down the citrus a little bit for me. This combination still smells pretty unisex and is one of the suggested pairings on the Jo Malone website.

Mimosa and Cardamom: this is my most favorite Jo Malone fragrance especially going into the fall season. It adds warmth to the Fig and Lotus Flower and makes it a little more feminine and a more fresh floral. I feel this combination is perfect for the transition from summer to fall.

Nectarine Blossom and Honey: this combination adds some lovely sweetness and honey to the Fig and Lotus Flower and tones down The citrus on me and brings out more floral notes. This is a lovely combination.

Jasmine Sambac and Marigold: this is a beautiful combination. It makes the Fig and Lotus Flower more floral, and the Fig and Lotus Flower adds a brightness and crisp sparkling type scent to the Jasmine Sambac with a hint of watery notes. This is a beautiful combination and one I will wear a lot.

Myrrh and Tonka: this combination smells like a sparkly citrus and somewhat watery licorice to me. It has a hint of smokiness and I feel like the Myrrh and Tonka give the Fig and Lotus Flower a lot more depth. On me the Tonka doesn’t come out until the dry down in this combination. Normally I can smell Tonka right from the beginning. This is not one of my favorite pairings but it’s definitely different to me and I think a lot of men, or people who like more masculine fragrances, might like this fragrance combo. It definitely seems like a very unisex combination.

Ginger Bisquit: this combination is wonderful. It smells very holiday like to me with a burst of bright sparkling citrus with some spices right in the beginning. The ginger blends in with the citrus watery notes really well. And the vanilla Gourmand notes come through shortly after the opening and this combination blends beautifully. This combination is probably my favorite of all of these I have tried with the Fig and Lotus Flower.

I haven’t paired it with everything I own from Jo Malone yet so as I discover new combinations I’ll add them here, or if you would like me to try combining it with some thing let me know in the comments and if I have it I will try it and add it here.

Overall, I feel like Fig and Lotus Flower is a lovely fragrance, but not usually what I am drawn to wear on its own. I feel like I need to combine this with something to make it smell like me, as it is just a little too masculine on its own to be a favorite for me.

So far my favorite combinations are with Ginger Bisquit, Mimosa and Cardamom, or Jasmine Sambac and Marigold.

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