April 2020 Beauty Favorites

My beauty favorites for April are pretty simple. I don’t think I left the house to go anywhere the entire month of April, so I didn’t wear make up as often and what I did wear, I tended to stick to the same products. I’ve really been enjoying wearing lipgloss with liner and no lipstick underneath this month.


La Mer Skintint– this has been a go to for the SPF this month as I’ve been spending more time outside on nice days. I love the amount of coverage it gives and how perfected, yet natural, my skin looks when wearing it.

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in Easy and Boheme– I really love the formula of these and reach for them all the time on casual make up days. The color, Easy has become a new “my lips but better” shade and is very close to my beloved, yet sadly discontinued, Viva Glam V by MAC. It looks good with or without lip liner.

Boheme is a gorgeous brighter lip color that really brightens my face and spirits.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in Tendresse, Rose Pulp, and Rose Naif– I’ve really been enjoying wearing one of these lip glosses paired with one of the liners below for a really nice juicy, glossy lip.

Chanel Lip Liner in Rose Natural and Dior Grege Lip Liner – these are the two colors I have been reaching for the most in April. They are just effortless for my natural lip tone.

La Mer Bronzer– I have been loving this bronzer, highlight, and blush compact so much. I tend to use the shades separately.

Chanel Rosy Light Drops– I’ve been reaching for these a lot lately and love the gorgeous pink tone highlight. I feel like it goes nicely with the lip glosses listed above.

Chanel Elemental Quad This is a gorgeous natural eye shadow palette. It’s so easy on days I don’t want to spend much time on eye make up.


Chanel Sublimage Grains De Vanille I have been exfoliating three times per week and have been using this Chanel Grains De Vanille once a week and then the La Mer Oil Exfoliator the other two days, and I think this is the perfect balance of exfoliation. My skin has cleared even more and looks so even and smooth. I feel like the Chanel gives a little bit deeper exfoliation than the Le Mer Exfoliator and was just what I needed to take my skincare to the next level.

La Mer Cool Gel Cream– I have really been enjoying using these samples of this moisturizer as my day time moisturizer. It has quickly become a new favorite for spring and summer.

I have now used every version of the La Mer moisturizers and I’m working on an in depth blog post about all of them coming soon.

Nail Color:

Chanel Organdi, Coralium, and Daydream Nail Polishes– these have been my most worn nail colors for April. I really love the Coralium on toes and one of the other two on my hands.


This month I’ve been reaching for comforting and soothing fragrances that uplift my mood and spirits. While these below are not the only thing I’ve worn, these have been worn the most often in April. I feel that fragrance has really become a helpful tool to help keep my mind and spirit positive during these times.

I encourage you to wear your favorite fragrances, and scents that really uplift you and make you feel good, right now, even if you aren’t going anywhere. I have always tended to wear fragrance mainly for myself anyway and I really enjoy wearing it around the house every day.

Chanel Les Exclusifs No 22– this has been a go to fragrance for a while now. I just love how powdery and beautiful it is. It’s soft and sophisticated and just makes me feel happy every time I’m wearing it.

Chanel Les Exclusifs La Pausa– this is another powdery soft relaxing fragrance that I just love for restful days.

Chanel No 5 Pure Parfum– I have been loving this fragrance ever since I got it this month. The pure parfum is just so refined, soft, and easy to wear. It’s another comforting fragrance.

Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc– this is a fragrance I’ve been reaching for on bright sunny days when I want to spend more time outside. It just really livens up my mood and makes me wish for summer beach days. I’ll put this on with a bright lip color and sit on the deck and enjoy a fruit smoothie (or a piña colada), and soak up the sunshine and birdsongs.

What are some of your favorites lately? I’d love to know what you’ve been enjoying in the comments.

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