La Mer The Replenishing Moisture Gift Set Review

I went into my local Von Maur to pick up The Renewal Oil and the sales associate at the La Mer counter showed me this set. It’s such a great value I bought this instead. I had been wanting to try the Replenishing Oil Exfoliator and I needed to repurchase the Soft Cream soon.

I had such a great time with Kathryn from Von Maur at Oxmoor. She was so helpful in showing me products and gave me lots of samples to try. If you are in the area be sure to ask for her and tell her I sent you.

I’ve been using the soft cream for a few months now, and the oil and the Exfoliator for a few weeks now so I’m ready to give my thoughts on these products.

The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator 1 oz.- I’ve been using this a couple times a week and really like it. It gives a gentle exfoliation with a nourishing texture that is very hydrating as you gently polish away dead skin. My face feels so smooth after using this and I have not had any irritation to my skin at all. I had actually stopped using physical exfoliants due to my skin being so sensitive, before trying this product, but this is one that I will continue to use. This tube will also last a while because you don’t need to use much product per application.

The Renewal Oil 0.5 oz.- This oil is amazing. It is a dry oil which means it sinks right into the skin without leaving any oil film behind. It just leaves behind hydrated and glowy skin. You can use this on your face, cuticles, hair, or anywhere really. It. Am also be mixed with foundation for an added glow.

The Moisturizing Soft Cream 1 oz.- This has become my favorite day time moisturizer I have ever used. Using this cream during the day time has completely balanced the oil production in my skin to where I very seldom have to blot or touch up throughout the day anymore. I have never had normal skin. I used to be quite oily and as I’ve gotten older it’s become more combination and sensitive, but this cream has allowed me to know what it is like to go throughout the day without feeling an oil slick forming on my skin. I am utterly amazed at how my skin has responded to this cream and how normal my skin feels for the first time in my life. It wears wonderfully under make up for me and keeps my skin hydrated all day. I will definitely continue using this cream during the day time for the for seeable future. When summer rolls around again I may switch to a lighter version like the soft lotion or matte lotion, if I need to, but I have finally found my holy grail day time moisturizer. (I use the original Creme de La Mer at night.)

Blue Gift Bag– this bag is so beautiful in person and such good quality. The zipper has a hard framing inside that holds it into the square shape, while open, for easy access.

This set retails for $245 which saves you about $100 if you purchased all these products separately. The Replenishing Moisture Set is currently available at, Nordstrom, Von Maur, and most other retailers that sell La Mer.

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