Recent Fall Beauty Empties

I have a few months of empty products and a couple of declutters that I’ll share by month below.

November Empties:

Neocutis Hyalis– I have gone through a few of these over the past couple years but I’m not planning to repurchase this. My skin seems to be clearer without using a Hyaluronic acid serum, so I’m not using any right now, and I like the Skinceuticals B5 gel better than this one.

La Mer treatment lotion 1 Oz.- I love this and already opened a full size bottle. I use this morning and night and love how it keeps my skin clear, firm, and calm.

Biolage Conditioning Balm– I have used this for years. I like using it 2-3 times a week as a hair mask, and on any day my hair seems really dry. It’s helped my hair a lot while growing out damage from hair dyes.

Tatcha Mini Size Silk Cream– (forgot to include in the photo) I used up this mini size and then switched to the La Mer Soft Cream. I feel like this was a pretty good moisturizer for day time, but it made my skin a little oily during the day and I learned it has royal jelly in it and that was causing some cystic breakouts I was having. I can’t use royal jelly on a daily basis and I like the La Mer Soft Cream so much more.

MAC Eye Brows Pencil In Brunette– this was not my favorite color but it worked OK so I’ve been using it up. It seem to last forever since I wanted to be done with this shade. I used to love this pencil formula before MAC discontinued it. I used this in the shade Lingering for years.

MAC Lip Conditioner– I have used this as my main lip balm for years. Already have a backup.

Tatcha Deep Cleanser Mini– this is a de clutter item. I don’t really like this cleanser. It feels hard to rinse off completely and I don’t like the way the exfoliating bits feel. They’re kind of large and I prefer exfoliating pieces to be smaller. For exfoliation I much prefer the Tatcha classic enzyme polish because I feel it’s more gentle on my sensitive skin.

Skinceuticals A.G.E Interrupter– this is another declutter item because is is so old. I only used about half of it a couple years ago as a night cream and just didn’t love it for my skin. I stopped using it and it’s just been sitting there. It was kind of heavy feeling on the skin and I didn’t see any significant results.

October Empties:

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Masks – still one of my favorite masks.

DHC Pure Soap (not shown. It’s a bar soap)- I’ve used this for years and always have a backup on hand.

Dr Lancer Polish in the original version- I’ve used this for several years off and on. It’s s great face scrub that has tiny scrubbing particles and is like a thick paste. It leaves my skin so smooth. I’ve taken a break from using this though, so I could let my skin sensitivity clear up. It contains lavender oil which can be an irritant for me, so I’m not ready to introduce it back in yet, but I still do have an unopened back up. I get the large size and it lasts me a good year when I use it 1-2 times a week.

L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara– Favorite drugstore mascara ever and all I use on my bottom lashes.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser– I like to use this as a gentle hand soap in all my bathroom soap dispensers. I used to use this as my facial cleanser for years but it started to lead to more clogged pores so I stopped using it on my face.

September Empties:

Tatcha Deep Hydration Lifting Masks– I use these on a regular basis. One of my all time favorites.

MAC Angel Lipstick– this shade is one of my favorite shades. I always keep a backup of this color.

MAC Prep n Prime Powder in special edition compact- I use this powder as my setting powder. I prefer the pressed version over the loose but I have both.

Sheseido Cotton Pads– I use these to take off my eye makeup. All others seem to irritate my sensitive eyes too much.

Thats it for the past few months. I really enjoy reading and watching other people’s empties because it’s great to see what others like enough to use up entire containers. If I don’t like something I tend to get rid of it instead of make myself finish it. I feel like life is too short, so I should use what I love.

What are some of your recent empties? Let me know in the comments.

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