La Mer The Glow Highlighter Review and Swatches

The new La Mer Glow Highlighter is a limited edition dual texture highlight with a Rose gold powder side and an ivory cream side. You can use each shade alone or layer the powder over the cream for a lighter rosy champagne shade. The packaging is gorgeous and includes a clear plastic cover that you can flip over to keep the cream side clean from any powder. The formula contains La Mer’s miracle broth for added skin benefits.

This oil- cream side gives a natural dewy glow to the skin that appears translucent unless viewed straight on in the light. The powder side is a more metallic powder that is smooth and silky without any glitter flakes. When layered together it creates a creamy glowy highlight. I was worried it would be too much color for my skin, but you can apply this sheer and you don’t need a lot so it will work for a wide range of skin tones. It looks natural and glowy on my skin and I love it.

Each color swatched separately in natural daylight.

The top larger swatch is the powder highlight layered over the cream and blended out more to show how it can look layered and blended.

This photo shows the Cream highlight closer up so you can see the texture.

And this photo shows the powder highlight more close up.

I’m really glad I decided to pick this up and try it myself because this is the type of glow I gravitate towards. It can be more natural or very glowy, depending on how you apply it, but it looks sophisticated and classy either way.

The La Mer Glow Highlighter has sold out at most retailers but is still currently available at

4 thoughts on “La Mer The Glow Highlighter Review and Swatches

  1. OOh my. I read this and saw your photos and thought ‘that’s so beautiful!’ I clicked to go to La Mer website and I saw the price and just about spit out my drink. It is sooo beautiful, but way tooo expensive for my butt. lol

    1. Yes it is pricey, but does contain the skincare ingredients. This is the first La Mer highlighter I’ve bought because of the price, but I do love it. I know I’ll use this a lot so it won’t just sit there like some highlighters I have. 😊

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