Self Care Sunday: A Simple Day

This weekend has been a Self Care weekend trying to recharge from the exhausting week. When I’m feeling run down and tired I focus on simplifying and using favorite skincare and beauty products that I know will always perform well and make me feel good without having to take much extra time it thought.

For this week’s face mask I did my favorite Tatcha Mask but skipped the massage and extra stuff I tend to do. I also stuck with some of my favorite go-to makeup. Even though my mind wants to play and experiment with looks, my body says just get it on quickly. I used the Chanel Tisse Essentiel Eye Shadow Quad on eyes, Chanel Rose Ecrin Blush, and Chanel Cecile Lipstick.

Than I put on one of my favorite fragrances, Chanel Les Exclusifs Beige. I sigh of happiness every time I smell this scent.

Part of my simple day today is going out to eat. I was really in the mood for a bowl of my favorite pasta from Olive Garden, the Fettuccini Alfredo. Sometimes self care is letting someone else cook so you can preserve your energy on days you feel exhausted, and it’s such a pretty sunny day to get out and about.

My husband and I also shared some dessert.

Self care can often be simplifying your day and removing things from your schedule to allow extra rest or breathing room.

What are you up to this weekend? What are your favorite ways to unwind?

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