Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Fluid Matte Foundation Review

I wanted to try the Cle de Peau Radiant Matte foundation because I had heard a lot of great things about it and I love a matte foundation.

I share my thoughts about it below.

My First Wear

I felt like this foundation applied streaky the first time I wore it. I applied it with a sponge as I usually do had to work a lot to blend out the streaks. I felt like it didn’t blend that well into my skin. I also feel like the shade B10 is too dark and too peach for me and it looked more noticeable on my skin than my usual Mac foundation.

It makes my skin appear a little bit waxy after it sets down. (Some other radiant foundations seem to have this look on me and I don’t like that)

It clings to dry patches on my skin and seems to settle into my pores in an unflattering way making my pores more noticeable.

Applying the Cle De Peau loose powder over top helped it look more flawless but I still feel like it makes my cheek pores more noticeable than my other foundations.

Swatch of shade B10

The Second Wear

The second time I wore this foundation I used my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush powder to set it. I feel like it still looked similar to the first time. Using the different powder didn’t really help.

I feel like it is a little bit too radiant for me. Even though I don’t feel oily if I touch my skin, I think it makes me look a little oily when I look in the mirror. It just seems to be too radiant and not matte enough even though it says Matte. It also looks a little dry on my skin.

Final Thoughts

Overall I didn’t really like this foundation and was rather disappointed. I feel like my MAC Studio Fix makes my skin look much better than this does at way less cost.

I also didn’t love the scent of this foundation. For the price and how much hype this gets I expected it to be wonderful and to perform better than it did for me. I was pretty disappointed in the way it looked. I actually ended up returning it and wouldn’t recommend it if you like a more matte foundation.

The Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Fluid Matte Foundation retails for $130 and is available at Nordstrom and Cle De Peau website.

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