Chanel Les Eaux Paris- Paris Eau de Toilette Perfume Review

Chanel recently released a new fragrance in their Les Eaux collection called Paris-Paris. I just love the gorgeous pink color of the juice and was eager to try this fragrance.

Chanel Les Eaux Paris-Paris EDT

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Citruses, and Lemon

Middle Notes: Damask Rose

Base Notes: Patchouli

Chanel Paris-Paris opens with a soft rose and a touch of citrus on my skin. Then after a few minutes I can detect the pepper and some mint notes coming through. Luckily, the patchouli is not noticeable on my skin. This is a gorgeous light and bright summery rose. It’s not heavy at all and feels very sunny and refreshing. A very soft and realistic rose without smelling too green.

After about an hour, the patchouli is more noticeable and I feel like the mint is also stronger. It starts to smell more unisex at this point and the rose note is more in the background as the fragrance becomes more herbal. I actually think this smells like a rose version of Paris-Edimbourg at this point in the fragrance heart. That’s is what popped into my mind, at least.

Later on in the dry down, the rose comes back and starts to project more, like it is floating a few inches away from the skin. It creates a soft rosy cloud of scent that is very pretty.

The final hours of the dry down this fragrance is a soft blend of spicy fresh rose and I really love it. It almost has a more spiced rose candy scent at the last part of the dry down.

I wasn’t quite sure I was going to like it when it was at its heart note stage, but it really evolves and goes through a few transformations on my skin that make me want to wear it more and more. I love how it becomes a little sweet at the final dry down.

This fragrance lasted all day on me and even stayed a skin scent after my evening shower. It stayed on my shirt sleeves all night and I could still smell it the next morning. On my clothes, it smelled like a spiced rose without much patchouli.

Final Thoughts

I have to say, I’m really surprised by the evolution this fragrance made on my skin. I’m really like this fragrance a lot and really enjoy wearing it.

I wasn’t sure if it would go with my skin chemistry because I tend to not like patchouli at all, but the patchouli is not very noticeable in this fragrance and didn’t give me a headache or make me feel sick like patchouli usually does. I think the patchouli is there to probably add some deepness and help the fragrance last longer on the skin without making the fragrance smell dirty or too earthy.

I’m really happy to have a spiced rose fragrance in my collection that I can wear, as they usually contain other notes that make the scent not work out for me, but this fragrance remains light and breezy. It is very uplifting and joyful to wear.

The new Chanel Les Eaux Paris-Paris EDT is currently available on and Nordstrom. This scent also comes in the matching body lotion.

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