Maison Margiela Matcha Meditation Review

Maison Margiela’s newest fragrance release in the Replica line for 2021 is Matcha Meditation.

I’ve been testing this out for a few weeks now I really enjoy it so much.

Top Notes: Green Tea, Bergamot, and Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Mate, and Orange Blossom

Base Notes: White Chocolate, Cedar, and Moss

Matcha Meditation is like a sensorial teleportation to a luscious meditation spa retreat in a serene mountain landscape, for me. The scent gives an immediate sense of relaxation and calm.

The first thing I smell is green tea and matcha with some soft floral and white chocolate. As if I have just walked into a luxurious room, in a five star villa for a weekend getaway. And they have a tray of delicious treats waiting for me as I enter my room, welcoming me to the beginning of my relaxing self care weekend. The hand carved bamboo tray contains Matcha green tea, a vase of pink and white flowers, some decadent handcrafted chocolates, some pastries, and a bowl of succulent citrus fruits, already sliced up and ready to eat.

As I turn to look at the gorgeous view, through my private balcony overlooking a lush green landscape, the door is open and a slight breeze blows the sheer white curtains, and I get a whiff of cedar and moss on the breeze. The green earthiness is mingled with some gorgeous orange blossom and jasmine flowers that are growing on the terrace.

This is where this gorgeous scent transports me. Even though I have just arrived, this blissful state of calm and serenity lasts throughout the entire day.

The ending is warmer and more cozy as it winds down for the day. I’m enjoying another cup of tea by the fireplace, before indulging in a perfumed bubble bath, and then retiring to bed where I drift off into the most relaxing sleep.

This fragrance paints the most relaxing spa getaway feelings for me that is just so vivid every time I wear it. It lends a state of calm and relaxation to my day. It lasts all day on me and has quite good projection with just one tiny spray. I tend to only wear one spray of fragrance because I have such a strong sense of smell, that one spray is all I need, yet it is not overpowering to me. It is very well blended and definitely evokes strong imagery of peace and serenity.

Final Thoughts

I love this fragrance so much. From the color of the gorgeous green juice, to the name, and the entire story that it paints for me. I highly recommend checking this out, especially if you love tea fragrances. This was a blind buy for me and I’m so glad I trusted my instinct and purchased it.

Maison Margiela Replica Matcha Meditation is currently available at Nordstrom. It comes in the large bottle shown here for $135 or a pen spray for $30.

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