My Top 5 Romantic Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

When I think of a fragrance to wear for Valentine’s Day I want a fragrance that feels romantic and pretty. All of the fragrances here smell romantic to me, either because of the memories associated with them, or because that is a feeling I think of when I smell them. Here are my top five romantic perfumes in no particular order:

Chanel Beige– both the Eau de Parfum and Pure Parfum are equally romantic. Beige is my Anniversary scent because of the memories associated with it, and because my first bottle of Beige was given to me from my husband for our Anniversary. The scent is sweet, happy, and lighthearted and always makes me feel happy and nurturing when I wear it. While this fragrance is perfect any time, I especially love wearing it for date nights and during days out and about spending quality time with my husband.

Chanel 1932– this fragrance smells classy and romantic to me with the sparkling and uplifting floral notes. It’s sophisticated and refined and I like wearing this to nice dinner dates, even if it is a nice dinner at home.

Chanel No 5 Pure Parfum– this is a fragrance for an enduring love. It is a long time classic that is comforting and soothing with the powdery notes and gorgeous jasmine. It’s a fragrance for true love.

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge– a very romantic jasmine that was given to me last Valentine’s Day. It smells sweet and elegant and is perfect for an evening out or a quiet and cozy night in by the fire with a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta.

Jo Malone London Red Roses– smells just like being given a bouquet of fresh red roses so is one of the first fragrances I think of for Valentine’s Day. This is a scent perfect for ending the evening in a relaxing bath scented with the matching bath oil and body wash in a bubble bath.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about my favorite romantic perfumes. What are some of your favorite fragrances for Valentine’s Day?

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