Self Care Sunday: Beauty and Comfort Food

Happy Sunday. I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far.

Each Sunday I like to make sure I do a little extra self care such as using a hair mask, a skincare mask, doing a facial massage, or taking a long evening bath. I try to make sure I take some time out to grab some extra rest. I usually spend this rest time reading.

This week I’m using the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Sheet Mask. This is my go-to mask when I want to really feel relaxed and like I just went to a spa. No matter how my skin is behaving this always makes it look better afterwards. I like to smooth the mask onto my face with this pink stone face roller and leave the mask on for 30-45 minutes. I’ll chill my facial massagers in a glass of ice water while my mask is on and then perform a lymphatic drainage massage with them after I take off the mask. This really helps to depuff my under eyes and whole face. Consistent massage has also really helped the clarity of my skin and has faded the dark under eye circles. I like to make sure I do this at least once a week or any time I’m feeling tired. I finish by applying my usual daytime skincare.

After this self care and rest time today, I made a pot of my own home-made chicken noodle soup for a comforting and nourishing dinner tonight. This is an easy soup to put together and let it simmer all afternoon to really infuse the flavors. It makes the house smell good, too.

And for dessert we enjoyed some of my fresh made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies.

What do you enjoy doing for self care and relaxation? Let me know in the comments.

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